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L-Lists, the collaborative list making website

L-Lists is a website developed by Statistical Consultants Ltd for creating and contributing to lists.

Some of the lists: List of Search Engines, List of Video Sharing Sites, List of Photo Sharing Sites, List of Daily Deals Sites,
List of Web Browsers, List of Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office, List of Science Fiction Films Lists (by Country),
List of Music Streaming Sites, List of Online Translators, List of Questions and Answers Websites, List of Crowdfunding Sites,
List of Political Spectrum Tests (like Political Compass), List of Games Like Chess, List of Games Like Tetris

Sign-up for a free account to contribute content to L-Lists.  Registered users can start new lists, and contribute new entries to existing lists.  Registered users can also report lists and sign-up to receive notifications of new additions to lists. Every registered user has their own profile page, which may include a list of up to 10 webpage links (e.g. links to your website, blog, social media profile pages etc).

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A directory of all lists on L-Lists, with the exception of the following special lists:

Create a new list.  Provide a list title, list description and list keywords, along with a set of row titles, website/webpage URLs, row descriptions, and/or image URLs.  Each row must have a title and/or a URL link.  List entry descriptions and images are entirely optional.  The row data can be copied and pasted in bulk from a spreadsheet, Word document or from Notepad (and other sources) into the corresponding text areas.

L-Lists link submission example

Options for making more refined searches on L-Lists e.g. search for lists relevant to a particular location, from a particular user, from a range of dates, containing a particular link etc.

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