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Some basic rules and guidelines:
  • Lists started from this page must be in English (but links to foreign language websites are permitted).
  • Lists must be useful and/or interesting to people other than the list creator (or those who know the list creator personally) i.e. no self indulgent junk lists e.g. personal top 10 lists.
  • Do not create redundant lists i.e. lists which are identical (or very similar) in meaning, to pre-existing lists. Redundant lists could be created by mistake; in which case the list would be removed but its content would be merged with the older list (with list entry contribution recognition carried over).
  • Do not submit links which are irrelevant to the list.
  • When creating a list, please try to make its relevance as long term as practically possible. For example, a 'list of US senators elected in 2008' would be preferable to a 'list of current US senators'.
  • Please minimise the use of opinionated language and don't assert theories or opinions as facts, in the title or descriptions.
  • Lists of and links to illegal, dangerous or adult content are forbidden.
  • Spamming is forbidden (but submitting the same link to multiple lists can be okay if the link is relevant to each of those lists).
  • A user may not start more than 25 lists per day, or submit more than 500 list entries per day.
  • Do not start lists which would become excessively large if completed.

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Separate keywords with commas.  For example: search engines, social networks, websites

List Entries

  • Each row in the following text fields represents one entry in the list.
  • Each list entry must have a title and/or URL. Entry descriptions and images are entirely optional.
  • The submitted link and image URLs would be automatically standardised. This will mean that it doesn't matter whether or not you include the https:// (or https//) at the beginning or a / at the end.
  • Don't worry if a title, URL or description takes more than one line in the input form.  Regardless of whether the input was entered manually or copied and pasted, this website can distinguish between whether the input going to a new line was due to its long length or from the use of the enter key.
  • New list entries are added to the bottom of the list. Chronologically ordered lists should be ordered from the earliest to the latest.
  • If an image is too wide or tall, it would be automatically scaled.
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