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Terms of Usage


L-Lists is owned, developed and managed by Statistical Consultants Ltd, and is protected by copyright.

Registered Users

Statistical Consultants Ltd reserves the right to ban any registered user or ban registration from any IP.


Statistical Consultants Ltd shall not be held responsible for damages that result from the use or misuse of this website, including (but not limited to) user generated content and content from advertisers. If you have a problem with any content, contact L-Lists.

User Generated Content

Statistical Consultants Ltd reserves the right to delete, edit or limit any content submitted to L-Lists.

Rules For User Profile Content

  • Links to illegal, dangerous or adult content are forbidden.
  • Profiles which misrepresent an individual or organisation are forbidden.
  • Usernames, links and other info should not contain content which is illegal or deemed by L-Lists to be objectionable.

Rules For List Content

  • Lists must be in the same language as the page they started from. For example, a list started from this page, must be in English.
  • Lists must be useful and/or interesting to people other than the list creator (or those who know the list creator personally) i.e. no self indulgent junk lists e.g. personal top 10 lists.
  • Lists of and links to illegal, dangerous or adult content are forbidden.
  • Spamming is forbidden (but submitting the same link to multiple lists can be okay if the link is relevant to each of those lists).
  • For each user, there is a strict limit of 25 lists submitted per day and a soft limit of 500 list entries submitted per day. These limits may eventually change.
  • A user may not make severe departures from the following list guidelines:
    • Do not create redundant lists i.e. lists which are identical (or very similar) in meaning, to pre-existing lists.
    • Do not submit links which are irrelevant to the list.
    • A list's relevance should be as long term as practically possible.
    • Minimise the use of opinionated language and don't assert theories or opinions as facts, in the title or descriptions.
    • Do not start lists which would become excessively large if completed.

Automated Usage

You may not use automatic form fillers on L-Lists forms.

You may not spider, harvest or scrape any content from L-Lists without permission (search engine bots/spiders however are welcome).

You may not use L-Lists in a way which would cripple the website, use excessive bandwidth or otherwise disrupt usage for others.


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