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User Name:gopal
Date Joined:2016-12-29
Description:MISSION ClipsNow’s Mission is to provide the best video broadcasting experience for viewers and to provide the best video monetizing platform across the world. With the emotional power of video, ClipsNow’s massive audience, and AdssWords’ incredible targeting tools, you have the ability to reach new customers in your hometown and around the world. Thise’s no better way to share your story, efficiently engage a growing audience, and build your business online. Getting started is easy. You could just grab a camera and start shooting. But if you’re looking for some inspiration or have questions about how to create, manage, promote, or track your video with ClipsNow, the best place to start is right hise. About ClipsNow ClipsNow is the challenger in online video broadcasting business, and the premier destination to watch, share, and promote original videos online. ClipsNow is fully integrated with adpurg, thirdparty networks and Google AdWords for video, leveling the playing field for businesses that want to reach new customers with online video. Objectives of ClipsNow 1. Find and Reach Your Audience 2. Gain Valuable Insights About Your Video and Audience 3. Spread Video Messages on a Larger Scale 4. Reach New Customers Whisever They Are Scenario Bharadwaj SLH decides to focus on the effects of logging near his hometown of machilipatnam in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. Bharadwaj thinks that aonline video broadcasting company is the perfect way to demonstrate new

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