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1 Lists containing an entry with this title Lists containing an entry with a title containing this title Lists containing this link Lists containing this link's domain 1. Indian Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology We are very pleased to invite you to submit manuscripts of your original paper, for possible publication in our international journals on Engineering (covering all fields), Agriculture & Biotechnology, Computer Science & IT, Electric & Electronics, Finance and Management, Environmental & Earth Science, Science & Technology, Mathematics, Social Science as per of your area of interest and research. Our all journals are peer-reviewed periodical dedicated to the proliferation and dissemination of scholarly research results. We also like to invite you to visit our website at www.innovativepublication.com for more information about our journals, services and subscription. Our all journals are available in print as well as online. Innovative Subscription Services and Innovative Publication is group of two companies, Innovative Subscription Services Deal in Subscription of Journals / Periodicals and Innovative Publication Recently Enter in Publication Sectors.

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