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User Name:rc2013
Date Joined:2015-07-20
Description:El-Bahith Review is an international Open-Access, peer refereed, indexed journal, established in 2002, dedicated to publication of original applied research in economics, commercial and management sciences. It is addressed to all researchers in research centers, academic entities, government departments and economic institutions. The journal accepts the articles in three languages: Arabic, English and French. The journal is published annually in June in both online and print versions, in two sections. Arabic section is devoted to the Arabic written articles and foreign languages section for the articles written in English or French languages. The review policy is designed by Ouargla University Scientific Council within the context of the National Research Plan framework, with the supervision of the Scientific Council of Economics, Commercial and Management Sciences faculty and in collaboration with the review editorial board. The review publication, printing & distribution are ensured by the Publishing Directorate (University Scientific Publications) in coordination with the review editorial.

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