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User Name:StatisticalConsultantsLtd
Date Joined:2012-08-17
Description:L-Lists is owned by Statistical Consultants Ltd, a New Zealand based consultancy providing services worldwide.

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1 Statistical Consultants Ltd Company website
2 Blog
3 Facebook Page
4 Google Plus Page
5 LinkedIn Company Profile
6 Twitter Profile @StatisticalCLtd
7 Statistical Support for Academic Research Statistical support for academic researchers including tertiary educators and postgraduate students (working on theses, dissertations, PhDs / doctorates etc).
8 Data Mining Services Data mining involves using statistical and computational techniques to reveal useful information (usually) from a large amount of data.
9 Statistical Modelling Services Statistical modelling including: regression modelling, semiparametric / nonparametric modelling, Bayesian modelling, classification and regression trees (CART), and discriminant analysis.
10 Website Development Services

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