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List of New Zealand Science Fiction Films

List started by: StarTrekWarsGateOcean
List contributors: StarTrekWarsGateOcean
Date started: 20 Jun 2013
Last updated: 31 Jul 2014
Keywords: films, movies, science fiction


A list of New Zealand science fiction movies.

Row # Title Image Description
1 The Quiet Earth (1985) The Quiet Earth (1985)
The Quiet Earth is about a group of people who remain on Earth, after everyone else inexplicably vanishes.
2 Perfect Creature (2006) Perfect Creature (2006)
Perfect Creature is a movie set in a dieselpunk alternative New Zealand called Nuovo Zelandia, where humans and vampires coexist. It is about a vampire who teams up with a human policewoman to apprehend a rogue vampire that has been preying on humans.
3 Event 16 (2006) Event 16 (2006)
A time travel movie.
4 Bad Taste (1987) Bad Taste (1987)
A sci-fi horror comedy co-written by, directed by, and starring Peter Jackson.
5 Death Warmed Up (1984) Death Warmed Up (1984)
A sci-fi horror movie about a man who seeks revenge on the scientist who hypnotised him to kill his parents when he was young.
6 Captain Amazingly Incredible and the Space Vampires from the Evil Planet!!! (2010) Captain Amazingly Incredible and the Space Vampires from the Evil Planet!!! (2010) A super hero sci-fi comedy co-written by, directed by, and starring Karl Burnett (who played Nick Harrison on Shortland Street from 1992 to 2005).
7 Nutcase (1980) Nutcase (1980)
A children's scifi comedy movie, about a gang of singing and dancing villains lead by the 'evil Eva'. The gang threaten to drop a nuclear bomb into the crater of Rangitoto if they don't receive $5 million. It is up to a trio of kids with a DIY anti-gravity machine to stop them.
8 Battletruck (1982) Battletruck (1982)
A movie with similarities to Mad Max. Battletruck is also known as Warlords of the 21st Century.
9 Black Sheep (2006) Black Sheep (2006)
A scifi horror comedy about genetically engineered bloodthirsty sheep.
10 Under the Mountain (2009) Under the Mountain (2009) A science-fantasy film based on the 1979 Maurice Gee novel of the same name. It is about twin siblings who encounter aliens after they move to Auckland.
11 Eternity (2013) Eternity (2013)
Eternity is a science-fiction mystery film, set in the near future. It is about a demoted police detective who, along with his partner, must solve a fictional murder mystery inside a futuristic virtual-reality world, in order to get his old job back. When the program starts to fail, solving the mystery becomes a race to save his own life.
Eternity (2013) Official Website
12 Realiti (2014) Realiti (2014) From the Realiti (2014) Official Website:
Vic Long is a media executive with a young family and a bright future. But when a petty crime throws a strange light on the world he has made, he begins to question the very facts of his existence.
13 ARA (2017) ARA (2017) From the ARA Facebook Page:
ARA is a Sci-Fi Thriller about a time of global transition, shifting alliances, a mass awakening of consciousness & ARA is the key. The man who gave ARA purpose is Jason, a grieving father and husband who happens to be biotech software engineer genius trying to save his daughter Sam from a fate soon to be the same as his recently departed wife. The world he knew is not the same anymore. His creation ARA, himself and his daughter Sam are in the hands of C.O.M.A. Corporation. The only reason Jason and Sam are still alive is because C.O.M.A Corp needs something else from them. But for how long they can stay alive? In which way the scales of reality will tip?
ARA (2017) Official Website
ARA (2017) Twitter Profile

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