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List of Online Random Name Generators

List started by: AEIOU
List contributors: AEIOU
Date started: 08 Apr 2014
Last updated: 30 Sep 2016
Keywords: names


Websites for randomly generating names. Some of the websites are designed for getting ideas for baby names, and others are designed to assist with name ideas for fictional characters e.g. for writing a story or constructing an RPG character.

Row # Title Description
1 Behind the Name: Random Name Generator An online form to randomly generate a name. There are options for first, middle and surnames; gender, and a wide variety of language origins (including ancient, mythological and fantasy).
2 random-name-generator.info A website that generates a set of names (first and last), with options for the number of names generated, gender, and rarity.
3 Fantasy Name Generator A random name generator for fantasy story and game characters.
4 List of Random Names A website for creating an exportable list of randomly generated names. There are options for the number of names generated, gender, names with alliteration, and an option for whether first names or both first and last names are generated.
5 Random Names A random names generator with options for gender, length range, and initial.
6 Dungeons & Dragons Character Name Generator A Dungeons & Dragons character name generator with options for gender, race, class, background and more.
7 www.xtra-rant.com/gennames A random name generator that takes first names from the 1990 US Census. The last names are mostly of English origin.
8 The Character Name Generator A name generator for character names. There are options for ethnicity, gender, and decade of the character's birth. The output not only includes a name, but also a Myers-Briggs personality type, personality description, psychological disorder, and favoured and unlikely careers.
9 namegenerator.biz - Random Name Generator Two simple random name generators (one for male; one for female).

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