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List of Web Browsers

List started by: TechLists
List contributors: TechLists
Date started: 17 Jul 2013
Last updated: 28 Jan 2014
Keywords: web browsers, internet


Web browsers list.

Row # Title Image Description
1 Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
2 Google Chrome Google Chrome
3 Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox
4 Safari Safari
5 Opera Opera
6 Mozilla
7 Amaya Amaya
8 AOL Explorer
9 Arora Arora
10 Avant
11 Camino Camino
12 Chromium Chromium
13 Dillo Dillo
14 Dooble
15 ELinks
16 Web Web
Originally called Epiphany
17 Flock Flock
18 Galeon Galeon
19 iCab iCab
20 Internet Explorer for Mac Internet Explorer for Mac
21 K-Meleon K-Meleon
22 Konqueror Konqueror
23 Links Links
24 Lunascape Lunascape
25 Lynx Lynx
A text-based web browser. The image compares how Lynx and Firefox would render the same page.
26 Maxthon Maxthon
27 Midori Midori
28 Mosaic Mosaic
29 Netscape Netscape
30 Netscape Browser
31 Netscape Navigator
32 Netscape Navigator 9 Netscape Navigator 9
33 NetSurf NetSurf
34 OmniWeb OmniWeb
35 QupZilla QupZilla
36 SeaMonkey SeaMonkey
37 Shiira Shiira
38 Sleipnir
39 Torch Browser Torch Browser
40 WorldWideWeb WorldWideWeb
WorldWideWeb was the first web browser, and was later renamed Nexus to avoid confusion between the browser and the World Wide Web. It was discontinued in 1994.
41 w3m w3m
A free open source text-based web browser.
42 SlimBrowser
43 SlimBoat
44 Uzbl Uzbl
45 Origyn Web Browser
46 GNU IceCat GNU IceCat Formerly known as GNU IceWeasel, and is a rebranding of the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
47 Yandex Browser Yandex Browser A freeware web browser by Yandex, a Russian web search company that owns the Yandex search engine (the most used search engine in Russia). It is based on the Chromium open source project, and uses the WebKit layout engine.

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