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List of South Korean Science Fiction Films

List started by: StarTrekWarsGateOcean
List contributors: StarTrekWarsGateOcean, ThePeninsula
Date started: 28 Aug 2013
Last updated: 14 May 2014
Keywords: films, movies, science fiction


A list of science fiction movies from South Korea.

Row # Title Image Description
1 2009 Lost Memories (2002) 2009 Lost Memories (2002)
2009 Lost Memories is set in an alternative timeline, where the failure of an assassination attempt changes the course of history. The Empire of Japan enters World War 2 on the side of the allies, and then continued to be an empire. The film is set mostly in 2009.
2 Doomsday Book (2012) Doomsday Book (2012)
Doomsday Book is a trilogy of scifi short films. The first is about a zombie apocalypse. The second is about a robot who reaches a state of enlightenment. The third is about a large 'meteor' heading towards Earth.
3 Natural City (2003) Natural City (2003)
Natural City is a movie with a story very similar to that of Blade Runner. It is about a cop who is part of an armed unit responsible for taking down rogue cyborgs. The cyborgs have a severly limited life span, much like the replicants in Blade Runner.
4 Heaven's Soldiers (2005) Heaven's Soldiers (2005)
A military themed time-travel action-comedy.
5 Sector 7 (2011) Sector 7 (2011)
A specimen of a newly discovered species (being researched at an oil rig, as a potential fuel source) escapes, and begins hunting the oil rig workers.
6 Nabi (2001) Nabi (2001)
Nabi, also known as The Butterfly, is about a city contaminated by acid rain, that troubled people flock to in the hope of contracting a memory erasing virus rumoured to exist there.
7 Yesterday (2002) Yesterday (2002)
Yesterday, is set in 2020 in a reunified Korea, and is about a special investigations agent trying to stop a serial killer who has been murdering scientists.
8 Deranged (2012) Deranged (2012)
A medical supplies salesman and his detective brother, frantically search for a cure after an outbreak of mind altering mutant parasites.
9 Save the Green Planet (2003) Save the Green Planet (2003)
Save the Green Planet is about a traumatized young man who believes that the world is on the verge of an alien invasion, so he kidnaps Korean leaders in an attempt to save the world.
10 Il Mare (2000) Il Mare (2000)
A time-travel romance movie that was remade as The Lake House (2006).
11 Aachi & Ssipak (2006) Aachi & Ssipak (2006)
Aachi & Ssipak is an R-rated animated movie, set in a city powered by faecal matter. The city's residents are rewarded with addictive juicy bars, for defecating. Aachi and Ssipak are two friends who discover a method of gaming the system for profit. As a result of their criminal activities, they are pursued by gangs and the police.
12 Yonggary (1999) Yonggary (1999)
A remake of the 1967 Yongarry movie.
13 2001 Yonggary (2000) 2001 Yonggary (2000) A modified version of the 1999 remake of the 1967 Yongarry movie. New scenes were added, different special effects were used, and it had a different soundtrack.
14 The End of an Invisible Man (1960) A man becomes invisible after a failed suicide attempt.
15 Big Monster Wangmagwi (1967) A giant monster from space wreaks havoc in Korea.
16 Monster Yonggari (1967) A giant earthquake causing, petrol drinking reptilian monster wreaks havoc in Seoul. Also known as Yongary, Monster from the Deep, Great Monster Yongkari, and more.
17 Great Counterattack of King-Kong (1976) Great Counterattack of King-Kong (1976)
A Korean King Kong movie.
18 A Monstrous Corpse (1980) A sci-fi zombie movie.
19 The Flying Monster (1984) The Flying Monster (1984)
A scientist tries to stop a giant monster bird.
20 Invisible Man (1986) Invisible Man (1986)
A man takes a pill to become invisible, and then uses his new power to fight crime.
21 Wuroi-mae From Outer Space (1986) A movie with a super hero (Esperman), evil aliens and giant robots.
22 Wuroi-mae from Outer Space 2 (1986) Wuroi-mae from Outer Space 2 (1986)
Three aliens travel to Earth, and revive a dying man to do their bidding.
23 Blitz of Wuroi-mae from Outer Space (1987) An alien who grew up on Earth, defends Earth from another alien.
24 Makarian Go (1987) Aliens conspire to conquer Earth using the destructive power of stones in an underwater city.
25 Meteor Prince from the Galaxy (1987) Meteor Prince from the Galaxy (1987)
26 The Evil King of Dark Planet and Super Prince (1987)
27 The Prince of Meteorite from the Galaxy (1987) A movie about a homesick boy who tries returning to Earth, the evil witches of Mars, and the robot of justice Super Bicong. The sequel to Meteor Prince from the Galaxy.
28 Wu-roi Dragon from Outer Space (1987) A movie about alien invaders, alien defenders and a scientist who makes a dragon.
29 Wuroi-mae and Mobilization of Thunder-V (1987) Wuroi-mae and Mobilization of Thunder-V (1987)
A scientist is resurrected as an evil cyborg, and helps a space queen dominate Earth. It is up to Earth’s militaries, Thunder-V and Esperman to stop them.
30 Alien Cobra (1988) Alien Cobra (1988)
31 Alien Lightening Dragon (1988) Alien Lightening Dragon (1988)
32 Bioman (1988/1989) Bioman (1988/1989)
A scifi action movie about a man who is turned into a powerful cyborg to save his life.
33 New Machine Wuroimae (1988) New Machine Wuroimae (1988)
34 Robotstar Jjanga (1988) Robotstar Jjanga (1988)
35 The Meteor Prince from the Milky Way 3 (1988) The Meteor Prince from the Milky Way 3 (1988)
36 Our Friend, Power 5 (1989) Our Friend, Power 5 (1989)
37 The Aliens and Kong Kong Kang-si (1989)
38 Third Generation Wuroimae 6 (1989)
39 Ddaeng-Chil and Double Light (1990) Ddaeng-Chil and Double Light (1990)
40 Hero Flash (1990)
41 Ban-Dal Mask, The Space Warrior (1991) Ban-Dal Mask, The Space Warrior (1991)
42 Morph Warrior Trans and Toady (1991)
43 Space Warrior, Fireman (1991) Space Warrior, Fireman (1991)
44 The Telepathic Journey (1991)
45 The Trio Stars (1991) The Trio Stars (1991)
46 Young-Gu and the Golden Bat (1991)
47 The Thunder Hawk 7 Returns (1992) The Thunder Hawk 7 Returns (1992)
48 Wooremae the Invincible Fighter (1993)
49 Power King (1995) Power King (1995)
50 Dragon Tucca (1996) Dragon Tucca (1996)
A science-fantasy film involving time travel (back to 1599), a dragon and aliens.
51 Cyber Warrior (1997) Cyber Warrior (1997)
Cyber Warrior is a cyberpunk movie set in the year 2020. A combination of technological advances and government authoritarianism has resulted in some people becoming marginalised in society.
52 Hero Vectorman (1999) Hero Vectorman (1999)
53 Killing Machine (2000) Killing Machine (2000)
54 Never Belongs to Me (2005)
55 Brainwave (2006) Brainwave (2006)
A low budget scifi action film about someone who gains psychic powers.
56 Batumba in wonderland 9 (2008) A movie about an alien coming to Earth.
57 Invasion of Alien Bikini (2011) Invasion of Alien Bikini (2011)
A man rescues a girl, who turns out to be an alien.
58 Super Virgin (2012) A lonely young man in a small town allows a bioengineer to conduct an experiment on him.
59 Young Gun in the Time (2012) Young Gun in the Time (2012) A sci-fi action movie about a time travelling detective with an artificial gun arm.
60 The Host (2006) The Host (2006) A family try to rescue one of their family members, who got captured by a monster that had emerged from Seoul's Han River and attacked the local population.

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