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List of Music Social Networks

List started by: FraggleRockCountryJazzRap
List contributors: FraggleRockCountryJazzRap
Date started: 11 Jul 2014
Last updated: 01 Jul 2016
Keywords: music, social networks, social networking, social media


Social networking websites that specialise in music.

Row # Title Image Description
1 SoundCloud SoundCloud SoundCloud describes itself as a social sound platform. It is a website where users can upload and stream music, and has a microblogging layout (similar to Twitter). User profile pages have a feed showing the songs they have posted, or reposted from someone else (similar to retweeting in Twitter). Each song in a feed has a set of clickable icons below it such as like, repost, add to playlist, share, and in some cases get-it-now (i.e. buy) or download options. Registered users can follow one another.
2 Last.fm Last.fm
Last.fm is a music social network where users can listen to music (referred to as scrobbling), watch music videos (sourced from websites such as YouTube and Muzo.tv), get recommendations, friend one another, create playlists, and make posts (forum posts) and shouts (similar to Facebook wall posts). The website has an events section for information about concerts in your city.
3 Bandcamp Bandcamp
Bandcamp is a music selling platform with social networking characteristics. Users can sign-up as either an artist or a fan. Artists can upload their music (which can be streamed online) and sell their music and merchandise to fans. Fans can follow artists and other fans in a similar way to Twitter (but with a distinction between fans and artists being followed). Fans can also review tracks (with the reviews showing on their profile page).
4 ReverbNation ReverbNation ReverbNation is a music promotion, streaming, and selling platform with social networking characteristics. Users can register as one of the following account types: artist, fan, venue, label, or management. Artists have a profile page where they can display photos, videos (sourced from other sites such as YouTube), social media links, and songs (with optional links for downloading, buying, lyrics etc for that song). Artist profile pages can also have comments from fans, links to fan profiles, and a table of statistics. Fans of artists don't necessarily have fan accounts (e.g. they could be fellow artists, venues, labels etc). Users with fan accounts can friend others, and have favourite artists.
5 Smule Smule
Smule is a music social networking and music apps site. The music apps include (but are not limited to) Guitar!, Sing! Karaoke, AutoRap, and Magic Piano. These music apps can be used to create music recordings either alone or collaboratively, especially as covers of songs. The music recordings can then be posted to the Smule site (where they can be listened to online) and listed on the profile pages of its creators. The recording listings can be filtered by the apps used. Registered users can favourite music recordings, and follow and be followed by other users.
6 tastebuds.fm A music social network designed for users to meet new people who share their tastes in music. The website also has an online forum, referred to as the soapbox.
7 Indaba Music Indaba Music
Indaba Music describes itself as an online community for musicians. The website has the following main sections:
- Opportunities, which lists various music related competitions.
- Sessions, which is a section for listing requests for music collaboration.
- Listening Party, which acts as an internet radio station combined with live chat.
- Community, which lists registered users. The user profile pages show information such as their music submissions (songs that can be streamed), votes, people in their network (i.e. who they follow), social media and web links, influences and genres, and their SoundCloud profile (which is embedded).
8 Myspace Myspace
Myspace was originally launched in 2003 as a general purpose social networking site. In 2013 Myspace was relaunched as a music social networking website, where users can listen to music, watch music videos, and connect with others (referred to as connections in and connections out).
9 Whyd Whyd is a social bookmarking site for music. Users can share music videos and audio from other websites (such as YouTube and SoundCloud), create playlists, like tracks, and subscribe to other users (similar to following in Twitter).
10 Grooveshark Grooveshark Grooveshark is a music streaming site with social networking characteristics. There are two types of accounts: user and artist. Registered users can follow other users/artists, and can create publicly displayed playlists and a track collection. The 'recent listens' are displayed on the user's profile page. Registered artists can have followers, a description/bio (including social media and other links), and can list tracks for streaming and/or selling.
11 MyOwnMusic MyOwnMusic A German music social network where musicians can upload music (audio and videos). Users can have friends, fans and favourite artists.

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