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List of Search Engine Browser Toolbars

List started by: TechLists
List contributors: TechLists
Date started: 14 Sep 2013
Last updated: 14 Sep 2013
Keywords: browser toolbars, search engines, web browsers, internet


Web browser toolbars which allow the user to search via a search engine, without first having to go to that search engine’s website.

Row # Title Image Description
1 Google Toolbar Google Toolbar Google Toolbar features:
- A search window for instant Google searches
- An auto-translator function which applies Google Translate to webpages that aren't in your language
- If you are signed into your Google account, it shows instant notifications
- Shortcuts to webpages and tools
2 Yahoo! Toolbar Yahoo! Toolbar
Yahoo! Toolbar features:
- A search window for instant Yahoo searches
- Shortcuts to popular websites such as Flickr and Wikipedia
- Apps personalisation
- Pop-up blocker
3 Mozilla Googlebar An unofficial Google toolbar for Firefox.
4 Groowe Search Toolbar Groowe Search Toolbar Allows the user to search with a variety of search engines from the toolbar. It also has functions for the searching of jobs, tags and bookmarks, downloads and shopping sites.
5 Ask Toolbar Ask Toolbar
A highly controversial toolbar by Ask.com. It slows down browsing, and due to its difficulty to remove and its tendency to be accidentally installed (as an unwanted extra while trying to install other software), it is often considered to be malware.
6 AOL Toolbar AOL Toolbar features:
- Search function
- Shortcuts to bookmarked websites
- Live weather updates and calendar
7 Bing Bar Bing Bar
Bing Bar features:
- Search function
- Shortcuts to news, maps, and weather, music and videos
- Short cuts (logged in) to email account, Facebook (news feed, chat and page likes), and Skype
8 Vivisimo Toolbar Metasearch engine browser toolbar
9 Blekko Toolbar Blekko Toolbar
Blekko Toolbar features:
- Search function
- View SEO data
- Add to slashtags
- Mark as spam
10 Ixquick Toolbar Ixquick Toolbar
Ixquick Toolbar features:
- Search function (via the Ixquick metasearch engine) including webpages, pictures and videos
- Look up phone numbers and addresses worldwide
- Functions for enlarging or shrinking a displayed webpage
- Insert emoticons into online forms
11 Baidu Toolbar Baidu Toolbar
A browser toolbar for the Chinese search engine Baidu, which has search and ad-blocking functions.
12 Naver Toolbar Naver Toolbar A browser toolbar for the Korean search engine Naver.

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