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List of Myers-Briggs personality type online tests

List started by: anthropsych
List contributors: anthropsych, L-Lists
Date started: 21 Aug 2014
Last updated: 19 Feb 2017
Keywords: psychology, personality, online tests, MBTI, Myers-Briggs


A list of free online personality tests for predicting Myers-Briggs personality types (also known as Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI)).

Row # Title Description
1 personality-testing.info/tests/OEJTS A Jungian / Myers-Briggs personality types test. The test questions are multiple choice five-point scales with a statement at each end (e.g. needs time alone and bored by time alone). The test results include a graph for each of the four spectrums, a description of the spectrums, and a description (taken from Wikipedia) of the predicted personality type.
2 www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test A 16 personalities test with an additional spectrum of identity (assertive vs. turbulent). The questions come in the form of statements (e.g. You find it easy to introduce yourself to other people) with a corresponding clickable agree/disagree scale.
3 Similar Minds – Jung Word Test A Jung / Myers-Briggs test on the Similar Minds website, where the user must rate how accurate (ranging from very inaccurate to very accurate) a series of words/phrases describes them. The results include percentages for each of the four spectrums, a stated Myers-Briggs / Jungian personality type, and a brief description of that personality type.
4 Similar Minds – Jung Word Choice Test A Jung / Myers-Briggs test on the Similar Minds website, where the user is asked to select the position that best reflects where they exist between two words (e.g. logical vs. emotional).
5 Similar Minds - Jung+Enneagram A test (with 102 questions ) on the Similar Minds website, that produces both a Jung / Myers-Briggs personality type and Enneagram test result.
6 Similar Minds - Cognitive Functions Test A classic Jungian cognitive functions test that tries to determine a personality type based on the extraverted and introverted forms of S, N, T and F. The test results also display a percentage for each of the cognitive functions.
7 Similar Minds - Old Short Test
8 Similar Minds - Short Test
9 Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test A Jung typology test with yes/no questions, and results in the form of a personality type and percentage ratings for each spectrum.
10 www.celebritytypes.com/test.php A personality type test on the Celebrity Types website, based on the work of Myers, Briggs, and Jung. There are 28 questions, each with two answer options (mostly scenarios). The test results show the predicted personality type, and a graph showing the percentage for each of the four spectrums.
11 kisa.ca/personality A Myers-Briggs personality types test where each question has three answer options (including an I'm really in between option). The results show a personality type and percentages for each spectrum.
12 www.odiseajung.com/tipos-psicologicos-jung-mbti/test-myers-briggs-mbti/test1.php A lengthy MBTI test in Spanish. Answering the questions involves clicking on check boxes, which makes it easier when both or neither answer option is applicable. The results state the predicted personality type, and a lengthy description of characteristics common to that type.
13 Memorado - Personality Type Test A short MBTI test with questions in the form of statements, and answer options ranging from 'This is not like me at all' to 'This is always like me'. The results include a personality type classification, a description of that personality type, a photo of a fictional character deemed to be of that type, and a list of historical figures and celebrities believed to be of that type.
14 Vocational Personality Radar Test An MBTI 16 personality types test, that produces a type and a radar graph. The test has 47 questions, each with two statements as answer options.
15 My Personality Test An MBTI test where the questions are in the form statements with an agree/disagree sliding scale. The output is one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, and a percentage score for each of the four spectrums.
16 The TypeFinder Research Edition This MBTI test has three sets of questions. The first set are pairs of statements, each with a five-point scale in between. The second set are statements, each with a five-point 'never' to 'always' scale. The third set are pairs of words, each with a five-point scale in between. The results may include a 'you may be a this or that', if your score for a spectrum is close to the centre.

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