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List of Open Access Statistics Journals

List started by: StatisticalConsultantsLtd
List contributors: golonka, StatisticalConsultantsLtd
Date started: 22 Aug 2012
Last updated: 10 Dec 2012
Keywords: statistics, academic journals, open access, free


A list of open access statistics journals (i.e. statistics journals with free articles). The list may include some journals which are partially open access (with most articles being available for free).

Row # Title Description
1 ALEA: Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics
2 Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré, Probabilités et Statistiques
3 Annals of Applied Probability, The
4 Annals of Mathematical Statistics, The
5 Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (AISM)
6 Applied Econometrics and International Development
7 Austrian Journal of Statistics
8 Bayesian Analysis
9 Behaviormetrika
10 Bernoulli
11 Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics
12 Chilean Journal of Statistics
13 Chinese Journal of Applied Probability and Statistics
14 DataCrítica
15 Electronic Journal for History of Probability and Statistics
16 Electronic Journal of Statistics
17 Gujarat statistical review
18 Hacettepe Journal of Mathematics and Statistics
19 InterStat
20 Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods
21 Journal of Data Science
22 Journal of Mathematics and Statistics
23 Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods
24 Journal of Official Statistics
25 Journal of Statistical Mechanics
26 Journal of Statistical Software
27 Journal of Statistics Education
28 Journal of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics
29 Journal of the Japan Statistical Society
30 Pakistan Journal of Statistics
31 Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research
32 Probability and Mathematical Statistics
33 Probability Surveys
34 Proceedings of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics
35 R Journal, The
36 Radical Statistics
37 Revista Colombiana de Estadistica
38 REVSTAT - Statistical Journal
39 Sankhya, The Indian Journal of Statistics
40 Significance
42 Statistica Sinica
43 Statistics in Transition
44 Statistics Surveys
45 Stochastic Systems
46 Survey Methodology
47 Technology Innovations in Statistics Education
48 Electronic Journal of Probability ISSN 1083-6489
49 Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis ISSN 2070-5948
50 International Journal of Quality, Statistics, and Reliability ISSN 1687-7144
51 Journal of Modern Mathematics and Statistics ISSN 1994-5388
52 Journal of Probability and Statistics ISSN 1687-9538
53 Revue de Statistique Appliquée
54 Asian Journal of Mathematics & Statistics ISSN 1994-5418
55 Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis: Decision Support Systems and Services Evaluation

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