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List of Digital Magazines Websites

List started by: chowder
List contributors: chowder
Date started: 23 May 2014
Last updated: 23 May 2014
Keywords: digital magazines


A list of websites where digital magazines can be published and viewed online. Digital magazines are essentially online virtual magazines, where the content being viewed online has the same look and structure as a print-edition magazine (such as the layout, page turning, cover, contents page etc).

Row # Title Image Description
1 Issuu Issuu Issuu describes itself as a digital publishing platform. It is a website where magazine publishers can upload their magazines, where they can be viewed online for free as virtual magazines.
2 Calameo Calameo
Calameo is a website for publishing digital magazines, presentations, and documents. The digital publications can be downloaded from the website as PDFs.
3 Zinio Zinio
Zinio is a an online newsstand for digital editions of printed magazines. Most of the magazines have a per issue price and/or subscription fee. The website has a small 'free' section.
4 Joomag Joomag
Joomag is a website for publishing digital magazines, e-books, and catalogues. Publishers can make their content free to view, or have fees by the issue or for a subscription. Publishers may also sell 'hard copy' versions of their digital magazines (with the printing and distribution taken care of by Joomag).
5 Magzter Magzter
Magzter is a website that sells digital versions of printed magazines, from a wide variety of languages. Some magazine issues are available for free.
6 Glossi Glossi
Glossi allows anyone to register and create their own digital magazines for free. The digital magazines (which they refer to as 'glossies') may include animations, videos, audio, and links; and can be embedded in blogs and other websites.
7 PocketMags PocketMags
PocketMags is a website for paid digital subscriptions to magazines with print editions. The digital magazines can be read on a variety of devices including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android device, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 device, and Blackberry Playbook.
8 eZineMart eZineMart
A digital magazine newsstand with mostly Indian magazines. Some digital magazines are available for free, while others have a paid subscription fee.
9 TurnIt TurnIt TurnIt is a digital magazines site with both free and paid online magazines.

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