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List of Website Information Browser Toolbars

List started by: TechLists
List contributors: TechLists
Date started: 14 Sep 2013
Last updated: 07 Jan 2015
Keywords: browser toolbars, SEO, website information, web browsers, internet


Web browser toolbars which provide the user with additional information about the website currently being browsed. The information could include image previews, SEO (search engine optimisation) statistics and info, or greater structural information about the HTML code.

Row # Title Image Description
1 Alexa Toolbar Alexa Toolbar
Alexa Toolbar features:
- Displays Alexa traffic rank information for the website you are visiting
- Finds websites that are similar to the visited website
- Wayback function i.e. see a cached old version of the website
- Shows the Alexa user reviews star rating for the website
2 Girafa Toolbar Girafa Toolbar is a browser toolbar with the main purpose of providing thumbnail image previews of webpages via links to those webpages. These thumbnail images appear in the search results for supported search engines, in the user created index of bookmarked webpages, and for links on a webpage.
3 Web Accessibility Toolbar A toolbar that aids the manual examination of web pages for a variety of aspects of accessibility, including identifying components of a web page, providing access to alternative views of page content, and facilitating the use of 3rd party online applications
4 AIS Toolbar The AIS (Accessible Information Solutions) toolbar allows developers to manually evaluate webpages for accessibility, including identifying components of a web page, simulating user perspectives, and providing links to additional resources for evaluating webpage accessibility.
5 SearchStatus A toolbar extension for Firefox and SeaMonkey, that provides website performance information including: Google PageRank, Google Category, Alexa popularity ranking, Compete.com ranking, SEOmoz Linkscape mozRank and more.
6 SEO Toolbar An SEO information toolbar for Firefox, which provides information such as the Google PageRank, links to the domain and webpage, major directory links, website age, monthly unique visitors and more.
7 MozBar An SEO information toolbar for Firefox and Chrome. Its features include:
- Highlights no-followed, followed, internal, external links, and keywords.
- Compares link metrics for Google, Yahoo! and Bing
- Exposes page elements with the Analyze Page overlay
8 SEOquake An SEO information toolbar for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari, with a wide variety of parameter options.
9 SEMToolBar An SEO information toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox, which displays statistics such as the Google PageRank, number of webpages and inbound links, whether or not the website is listed in the DMOZ or Yahoo directories etc.

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