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List of Online Website Builders

List started by: TechLists
List contributors: hPage_anne, L-Lists, TechLists
Date started: 21 Jan 2014
Last updated: 03 Sep 2018
Keywords: online website builders, website development, web hosting


A list of websites that provide both online website builders and web-hosting i.e. sites like Weebly, Wix, and Webs.

The sites in this list are to websites, what blogging platforms (such as Blogspot/Blogger and Wordpress) are to blogs. Many of the free websites from these online website builders, have URLs that are subdomains of the website builder's domain URL e.g. websitename.weebly.com.

Row # Title Image Description
1 Weebly Weebly
Weebly is a web hosting service (with both free and paid subscription options) that has a drag-and-drop website builder (with features allowing for the creation of blog sites).
2 Wix Wix
A cloud based website development platform which allows its users to create HTML5 and mobile friendly websites, through the use of its drag-and-drop web-development tools.
3 Webs Webs Webs (formerly Freewebs) is a web host and online website builder, with both free and paid subscription options.
4 Jimdo Jimdo
A website builder with free and paid options. Its features include photo galleries, videos, and online stores.
5 WordPress WordPress
WordPress is primarily a blogging platform, but has the flexibility to be used (and often is used) to create websites.
6 uCoz A free web builder allowing for the creation of websites with blogs, forums, photo albums and guestbooks.
7 Squarespace Squarespace
Squarespace is a SaaS (software as a service) based CMS (content management system) consisting of a website builder, hosting service, and blogging platform. It has a variety of paid account options.
8 Shopify Shopify
An ecommerce platform for creating online stores.
9 Bigcommerce A website for creating ecommerce websites with online stores.
10 FC2 Website FC2 Website
An online website builder on FC2, a website with a variety of features including blogging, video sharing, live streaming, and more. The site is available in a variety of languages, but much of its user generated content is in Japanese. FC2 is one of the most frequently visited websites in Japan.
11 Webnode Webnode
A website builder with features such as photo galleries, polls, forums, blogs, e-commerce and more.
12 Photoshelter A platform (with various paid options) for creating photography websites with ecommerce features.
13 Yola A web builder with free and paid options, and allows the creation of online stores.
14 Moonfruit A website and online shop builder with various free and paid options.
15 IM Creator An online website creator, allowing for features such as galleries and slideshows.
16 Doomby Doomby
An online web builder allowing for the creation of websites with features such as blogs, photo albums, forums, guest books, and online stores.
17 Webydo Webydo
Webydo describes itself as being professional online website design software for designers. It has ecommerce features and allows for in-browser editing.
18 Edicy Edicy
A website builder for building multilingual websites. There are several paid options available.
19 BaseKit An online site builder with image editing, gallery and slideshow features.
20 Web Start Today An online website builder with free and paid subscription options.
21 Free-Conversant A website for creating free websites and publishing blogs.
22 WebMaker CMS An online website maker.
23 Artist Websites Artist Websites
A website builder designed for artists. The websites include galleries, events, blogs, news, and an online shopping cart.
24 Artspan Artspan A web builder for artists. The websites can have galleries, a biography section, blog, and a section for related web pages.
25 Viewbook A fee based online (and mobile) portfolio website maker, aimed at photographers and artists.
26 Crevado An online and mobile portfolio website builder for photographers and artists. It has both free and paid options.
27 GeoCities Japan GeoCities was a free web hosting service where people could run their web-pages off the GeoCities domain. GeoCities was bought-out and eventually shut down by Yahoo, with the exception of its Japanese subsidiary which has since become more like the modern online website builders.
28 JeFaisMonSite A French website for creating websites for free. It provides a variety of templates, and a point-and-click interface. There is also a paid subscription option which allows for greater storage, your own domain name, and no advertising banner.
29 E-monsite A French website for making a free website, blog, or e-commerce site. There are also some paid subscription options which allow the user to have their own domain name, extra storage, more shop module options etc.
30 Voila - Mon Site Voila - Mon Site A website creation section on the French website Voila. There are two different free versions; one aimed at beginners, and the other aimed at people with some background knowledge in website development. The beginners version allows a limited number of webpages, while the experienced version instead limits by Mb of storage. The beginners version provides assistance, but the experienced version doesn't. The experienced version allows for HTML editing, JavaScript editing, FTP access, personalised error pages, and access restrictions; but the beginners version doesn't.
31 Altervista Altervista Altervista (not to be confused with AltaVista) is an Italian site (also in English), for creating free websites and blogs.
32 Duda Website Builder A website builder with various paid and free-trial options for responsive websites, and free and paid options for mobile-only websites.
33 Aircus A free website builder for your business or yourself.
34 WebsiteBuilder.com A website builder with website URLs as subdomains of my-free.website.
35 Beep.com Online website builder with various paid options, and a free option.
36 Magnoto Magnoto describes itself as being a site for freestyle blogging and website building.
37 hPage A website for creating free websites.
38 nPage The German version of hPage.
39 Jigsy A free website maker/builder/creator.
40 Made Interactive A responsive website builder, with a free option, and several paid subscription options.
41 Airsquare A website for building websites, online stores, and online ticket selling sites. It has various paid options, and a 30 day free trial.
42 Bookmark A website builder and e-learning platform, with free and paid subscription options.
43 Jenga Website A Kenyan website builder with various paid subscription options (and a free option for students).
44 Mobsyte A subscription based web builder for making mobile sites.
45 Homestead Website Builder A subscription based website builder.
46 The Grid A website that uses artificial intelligence to design your website.
47 Puzl A website for creating free business websites.
48 Strikingly Online website builder with free and paid options.
49 Dragandfly A free drag-and-drop website builder for musicians.
50 Pixelhub A simple website builder for small businesses.
51 SimplyLaunch Online website builder with a monthly fee.
52 SiteRubix A website for making free websites.
53 SiteJam A website creator with a variety of paid subscription options.
54 hPage hPage hPage.com is a free website builder that allows businesses, professionals, bloggers, and non-profit organizations to create their own website easily. hPage.com has over 300 templates to choose from.

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