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List of Daily Deals Sites like Groupon

List started by: L-Lists
List contributors: ashleygomes, gunjan, L-Lists
Date started: 23 May 2013
Last updated: 08 Feb 2019
Keywords: ecommerce, daily deals


A list of daily deals websites (also known as deal-of-the-day, deal-a-day, and flash sales websites). Some sites may have deals which involve purchasing a printable discount voucher to be exchanged at the physical premises of a business (such as a restaurant, bar or entertainment facility). Some sites may have discounted products which can be bought online and shipped to the customer. The deals of these sites are typically for a short period of time (usually 24 hours, or less if the entire product's stock is sold before then).

Row # Title Image Description
1 Groupon Groupon
Daily deals by city, for the US, Canada and other countries.
2 LivingSocial LivingSocial
Daily special offers for local services, products and restaurants, for cities around the world.
3 Woot Woot
Each product is on sale for one day only, with limited stock.
4 1SaleADay 1SaleADay
A daily deal website with product categories which include wireless, watch, family, jewelry and fashion. Each deal is posted at midnight EST, and is only available for 24 hours.
5 Google Offers Google Offers
Users can purchase deals vouchers (which can be either printed or placed on a mobile phone) to be redeemed at the participating local business.
6 Zozi A US deals site for getaways and outdoor gear
7 ThingFling Deal of the day type site for electronic goods.
8 Yipit Every daily deal and coupon in one email from Groupon, LivingSocial and others filtered for where you are (in the US) and what you like.
9 Wahanda Members-only deals for health and beauty.
10 Twongo Daily deals in various US cities.
11 KGB Deals A deals website for USA, UK, France and Italy.
12 8Coupons Local in-store printable coupons and daily deals for the US.
13 TripAlertz Travel deals
14 HalfOffDepot Deals for various US cities.
15 DODTracker Tracks various deal of the day sites
16 DailyCandy Deals Deals listed on DailyCandy, a US lifestyle blog aimed at women.
17 CrowdSavings Online purchasable deals vouchers for restaurants, bars, spas, events and more, at various US cities.
18 HauteLook A members-only shopping website offering limited-time sale events for women's and men's fashion, jewelry and accessories.
19 EverSave Local and online deals for the US
20 ReaderCity Deals in San Diego, USA.
21 Tanga Daily deals
22 Ideeli Limited-time sales for men's and women's fashion, home décor and beauty.
23 Yugster A deals site that has a 'free' section.
24 Whiskey Militia Daily deals for surf, skate and snow related products.
25 DealRadar A deals finder for the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK, where users can sign up to receive emails of daily deals advertised on Dealfind, Groupon, LivingSocial and more.
26 Gilt Designer fashion flash sales
27 Gilt City Flash sales for various US cities.
28 GoToGroupBuy Allows sellers to start their own group buys and daily deals. The listings state the deal price, original price, savings, number of buyers needed for the sale, and the time until the offer closes.
29 InBundles Food and beverage related daily deals in New York.
30 Dillyeo Daily deals for a variety of novelty products.
31 Scoutmob Mobile deals and goods from independent makers.
32 Bloomspot Offers for weekend getaways and unique local luxury experiences (for various cities in the US).
33 WagJag Canadian daily deals, discounts, and coupons.
34 GiveBestDeal.com An Indian deals website
35 1-Day New Zealand daily-deals website
36 DealsLikeThis DealsLikeThis Deals, coupons and offers on online shopping in India.
37 Dealstan Dealstan Deal of the day website india
38 OffTheBack.co.nz A New Zealand daily deals site.

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