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List of profile page sites like About.me

List started by: L-Lists
List contributors: L-Lists
Date started: 22 May 2014
Last updated: 06 Dec 2015
Keywords: social media


A list of profile page sites like About.me, where users can create a webpage containing a short public bio and social media links. Websites such as these, typically have a short URL and are used in social networking and microblogging account profiles as an efficient alternative to listing multiple social media URLs.

Row # Title Image Description
1 About.me About.me About.me was launched in 2009. It allows users to start a personal profile page containing a public bio, high quality background photo, and social media / web links. The pages have options on them for liking (like Facebook likes, but more varied), saving, emailing, and sharing. A search bar is at the top of every page, which allows people to find other pages by searching for an interest, place, organisation, or name.
2 Flavors.me Flavors.me is a website where registered users can create a single profile page containing a title, description, uploaded photo, and web-links. The profile pages can be connected to a variety of social media accounts. Unlike About.me, a Flavors.me page doesn't have to be for a named individual, and can instead be for a business, organisation, website etc. The site gives the user plenty of customisation options such as the background, font, effects, colours and layout. There is a free version and a premium version. The premium version has some extra options, such as favicon uploading, mobile optimisation, and metadata optimisation for search engines.
3 XeeMe XeeMe allows users to create their own social media profile page, that has a tabbed interface. The tabs include: networks (links to websites and social media profiles), groups (social networking groups such as Google Plus pages and communities, Facebook pages etc), badges (various achievements / stats about the user), profile (a short bio), and buzz (an issues/events sharing feature, showing the number of advocates and mentions). User profile pages may include a profile photo and a background image.
4 Vizify Vizify
Vizify allows its registered users to create a personal profile page. Off the main profile page, the user can have other pages e.g. a links page, careers page, education page etc. In order to create a personal page, your account must be connected to a social media account from at least one of the following: Instagram, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Users can view a variety of profile page visitor statistics. Vizify has been acquired by Yahoo.
5 ItsMyURLs ItsMyURLs is a website where people can create a social media URL links page, which may also include a photo and description. Unlike most other websites of its kind, ItsMyURLs has an advanced search function covering all profile pages.
6 Hi, I'm A website where users can create a personal 'splash page', where they can add a short bio, social media links, upload their own background design, add hashtag search links, and view visitor stats about their page.
7 Whohub Whohub
A personal profile page site, where the information is presented as a set of questions and answers. Some of the questions available to answer, depend on the users selected profession. Users can also be sent questions to answer.
8 Linkr Linkr Linkr allows its registered users to create a page containing various social media links (linked from large social media logo icons) and one website link (i.e. the account owner's website). The profile page could be personal, or for a website, business, organisation etc. Linkr currently has icons for the following social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest.
9 Gravatar Gravatar Gravatar is a blog avatar hosting and profile page website. Gravatar is short for Globally Recognised Avatar. A gravatar is included with every WordPress.com account. Gravatar profile pages can include photos, contact details, and social media and other website links.
10 medotcom medotcom
Medotcom enables people and companies to centralise, list and share links to their social networks (and website) on a single page.
11 eOLIO eOLIO eOLIO allows individuals and organisations to create a page which can be split into sections which include a cover, pitch, social media links, tags, skills, map, and other links. Links to the profile pages are pinned on a world map.

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