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List of Crowdfunding Sites

List started by: TechLists
List contributors: demetrius, dreamwallets, FanVestor, GreedyGiver, JaxMerringoff, kettoindia, plumfund, pwnkmr, sebastiank, start51, TechLists
Date started: 04 Oct 2013
Last updated: 26 Apr 2020
Keywords: crowdfunding, investment, startups, technology


Crowdfunding websites (also known as crowd sourcing and crowd financing websites), are websites where people can network and pool their money to invest or donate towards a business, project or cause.

Crowdfunding sites have been used to invest in high tech startup companies, and invest in commercial and/or artistic projects such as software development (applications and video games), music albums, movies, and TV shows. Crowdfunding sites have also been used to fund various non-profit causes such as political causes, disaster relief, poverty alleviation, environmental efforts, scientific research and civic projects.

There are a variety of funding models of crowdfunding, including AoN (All or Nothing, where funds are only gathered if the total amount pledged reaches the specified target), and KiA (Keep it All, where the funds are handed over regardless of whether or not the funding target has been reached). There are also a variety of returns models, including equity (where the investor owns part of the company or venture), property (where the investor receives interests in the property, but doesn’t necessarily own it), loans (where the investor receives interest on the money they lend to a business), and rewards (usually for an artistic project, where an investor/donator receives special gifts in return for their contribution).

Row # Title Image Description
1 Kickstarter Kickstarter
Crowdfunding for films, games, music, art, design, technology and more.
2 Indiegogo Indiegogo
Indiegogo is an international crowdfunding site where anyone can raise money for film, music, art, charity, small businesses, gaming, theatre, and more.
3 GoFundMe GoFundMe
A crowd funding website for events and charitable causes.
4 GiveForward Crowd funding for charitable causes.
5 PledgeMusic PledgeMusic
A music crowdfunding site.
6 FundAnything A crowdfunding site for funding just about anything.
7 DonorsChoose A crowd funding site for school supplies and projects.
8 FundRazr FundRazr
A Canadian crowd funding site and Facebook app.
9 Pozible Pozible
Pozible is a crowdfunding platform and community for creative projects and ideas. It is for artists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists, designers, entrepreneurs, inventors, event organisers, software developers and all other creative minded people to raise funds for projects.
10 Fundable A crowdfunding site that allows both rewards-based and equity-based funding campaigns for small businesses.
11 CrowdCube CrowdCube
An equity-based crowd funding website for UK businesses.
12 Tilt Tilt A crowd funding site for nonprofit organisations. Formerly Crowdtilt.
13 Funding Circle A UK based crowdfunding site which allows savers to lend money directly to small businesses.
14 Fundly A crowdfunding site for various causes (including charitable, political, clubs, schools, teams, churches, and more).
15 YouCaring A US website for crowd funding medical expenses.
16 40Billion A crowd funding site that promotes community based business fundraising on social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
17 Seedrs A crowd funding site for discovering and investing in seed stage startups.
18 Companisto A German crowdfunding site for equity investments.
19 Rally.org Rally.org
Crowd fundraising for individuals, groups, social causes and non-profit organisations.
20 Rock The Post Rock The Post
An equity crowdfunding website for startups.
21 Upstart Upstart
A crowdfunding site for connecting recent college graduates with investors.
22 WeFunder Crowd investing for startups.
23 FundedByMe A Swedish crowdfunding site (also available in Norwegian) for musicians, artists and entrepreneurs.
24 CircleUp Crowdfunding for consumer brands.
25 Gambitious A Dutch crowdfunding website for game development.
26 Eppela Italian crowdfunding platform.
27 Start Some Good StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding platform for non-profits, social entrepreneurs and change-makers to raise funds and grow a community of supporters.
28 appbackr Appbackr is a wholesale marketplace for applications, which allows app developers to find wholesale buyers to fund applications and drive sales.
29 EarlyShares EarlyShares
An equity based crowdfunding site with various industry categories.
30 MicroVentures MicroVentures is an investment bank for startups. They conduct due diligence on startups and then if approved, help them raise capital from angel investors.
31 Mosaic Inc. A site for the crowdfunding of loans for solar power development projects.
32 Innovestment GmbH A German crowdfunding website for equity investments.
33 Bountysource Bountysource is a website that was originally a website for open source bounties, where monetary rewards can be given for completing a task in an open source software project. In 2012, the site introduced crowd funding bounties.
34 Headstart An Israeli crowdfunding site for entrepreneurs.
35 StartupValley A crowdfunding site for venture capital.
36 Appsplit Appsplit
An online crowd sourcing platform for apps.
37 TenPages.com A Dutch website for crowdfunded investments in book publishing. Authors post at least 10 pages of their book they want sponsored, and investors can buy shares in the book.
38 Microryza A website for crowdfunding science based research projects.
39 Symbid Symbid
A Dutch crowdfunding site with a focus on seed and growth capital.
40 peerbackers A crowdfunding site that allows business owners to raise capital, in exchange for rewards for contributors.
41 BankToTheFuture A UK crowd finance platform for small businesses.
42 Unbound A crowdfunding site for book publishing.
43 New Jelly A Norway based crowd funding website.
44 Apps Funder AppsFunder is a funding platform, connecting mobile entrepreneurs and developers with funders.
45 Kopernik Kopernik
A crowdfunding site that allows people to donate money towards projects that distribute technology to developing countries.
46 Peoplefund.it A UK based crowdfunding website.
47 Community Funded Community Funded
A crowdsourcing platform for philanthropic projects.
48 Abundance Generation A regulated online platform that lets people lend money to renewable energy projects in the UK.
49 rebuildingsociety.com A UK based peer-to-peer lending website, with a focus on finance for small to medium sized businesses.
50 PledgeMe New Zealand crowd funding platform.
51 Invesdor A Finnish based crowdfunding site for startups and growth companies.
52 Seedups A crowd funding site for investment in startup companies.
53 Piggybackr Piggybackr
An American crowdfunding site for students and youth teams to fundraise for their schools, projects, and causes.
54 ArtistShare ArtistShare
A crowdfunding website for musicians.
55 Neighbor.ly A civic crowdfunding website.
56 Bolstr A site for investing in local small business ventures.
57 CitySourced A civic engagement platform where people can find and report non-emergency civic issues. It also has a civic crowdfunding platform for organisations to raise funds for civic projects.
58 Buzzbnk
59 FansNextdoor Crowdfunding for artists.
60 Weeve Crowd funding for nonprofit projects.
61 Cofundos.org Cofundos.org is a crowdfunding platform for the development of open-source software.
62 Mobcaster A crowdfunding site for television shows. Project creators post ideas for pilots (first episodes). If the pilots get funded, the project creators can then post projects for full production. (This site might now be defunct).
63 First Funder A partner-based crowdfunding site.
64 Fondomat A now defunct Czech based crowd funding site.
65 Boosted Philanthropic crowdfunding website for arts projects in New Zealand.
66 McKenson-Invest.com An online platform (initially dedicated to Africa) for connecting investors with startups and entrepreneurs.
67 CoFolio Connecting small businesses looking for expansion capital, with local investors.
68 CrowdFundEDU CrowdFundEDU
A crowd funding website for education.
69 SponsorGoal
70 GreedyGiver GreedyGiver GreedyGiver is a 100% Canadian crowdfunding platform that helps individuals and groups raise funds and reward donors.
71 Start51-Crowdfunding India Start51.com is a crowdfunding and online fund raising platform in India for projects in any domain. It is a fund raising platform where creative ideas meet financial contributors. Start51 offer a brand new way of exploring innovative ideas and helping them to turn in to reality. It supports projects for different industries, from films to games, music to technology, art to design, etc.
72 Ketto Ketto is an online crowdfunding platform and website in India for fundraising of social, charity, movies, music, personal and creative causes.
73 Plumfund Plumfund Plumfund is a crowdfunding and crowd-gifting platform that makes giving and receiving simple and fun. The easy to use website boasts zero platform fees and the lowest third party fees in the industry. You can crowdfund anything from special causes, baby showers, graduation and anniversary parties, clubs, travel, hardships and more.
74 Thrinacia Thrinacia Thrinacia is Enterprise SaaS CrowdFunding Engine and Platform. Thrinacia allows you to run advanced fully White-label CrowdFunding portals and campaigns or interface from your third party apps.
75 Dream Wallets Dream Wallets Indian crowdfunding site. Dreamwallets.com (DW), is a reward-based online crowd funding platform that showcases initiatives on diverse interests relating to short films, documentaries, arts and crafts, social causes, photography, environment, film and video, technology, food, etc. DW provides direct linkages with donors such as corporates, NRIs and individuals.
76 FundersClub FundersClub makes it easy for accredited investors to diversify their portfolios with insider access to the world's most promising startups. We focus on the best practices of venture capital - driving returns, not volume.
77 Impact Guru Impact Guru is an online crowdfunding platform for NGOs and nonprofits in India.
78 Giggrabbers Giggrabbers At Giggrabbers, entrepreneurs can raise funds for their projects and hire freelancers all on one platform.
79 Crowdfunding Platform for Fan Engagement Crowdfunding Platform for Fan Engagement Fundraising application for investors in cinema, arts, sports, esports, music

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