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List of Free Accounting Software

List started by: StatisticalConsultantsLtd
List contributors: Falcon, StatisticalConsultantsLtd
Date started: 14 Oct 2013
Last updated: 08 Feb 2014
Keywords: accounting, open source, free software, software


A list of free accounting software. The list should not include demo versions (unless highly functional) or temporary trial versions.

Row # Title Image Description
1 GnuCash GnuCash
Personal and small business financial-accounting software. It allows the user to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. Its features include (but are not limited to): double-entry accounting, stock/bond/mutual fund accounts, reports, graphs, QIF/OFX/HBCI file import, transaction matching, scheduled transactions, and financial calculations. It is available for GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.
2 FrontAccounting FrontAccounting
An accounting system which covers purchase/sales orders, goods receivable notes, supplier/customer invoices and credit notes, accounts payable/receivable and more.
3 Apache OFBiz Apache OFBiz Apache OFBiz (also known as The Apache Open For Business Project) is an open-source enterprise automation software which includes accounting functions.
4 webERP Free cloud-based accounting software (which requires a web browser and PDF reader to use) for importers, exporters, distributors and manufacturers.
5 xTuple PostBooks xTuple PostBooks
Free software for accounting, CRM (customer relationship management), and ERP (enterprise resource planning). Its accounting features include (but are not limited to): general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and bank reconciliation.
6 TurboCASH Free open source accounting software aimed at SMEs (small and medium enterprises).
7 Tryton Free open source software with modules which cover accounting, invoicing, sales management, purchase management, analytic accounting, inventory management, MRP (manufacturing resource planning), project management, and lead and opportunity management.
8 Express Accounts Free A basic free accounting software package which can help the user to report income/earnings, create balance sheets, track orders and supplies, manage contacts, and create/manage invoices, payments, and receipts.
9 JGnash A cross-platform personal finance application with a double entry system, support for multiple currencies, and can import OFX and QIF files.
10 KMyMoney KMyMoney
Personal finance manager application
11 LedgerSMB LedgerSMB
LedgerSMB (which stands for Ledger Small Medium Business) is an open source ERP, CRM and accounting software with features for sales, purchasing, general ledger, and inventory management.
12 HomeBank HomeBank
Free software for personal accounting.
13 Invoice Expert XE Free invoice, inventory and billing software.
14 Grisbi Grisbi
Personal financial management program
15 VT Cash Book VT Cash Book is a simplified version of VT Transaction+, and its features include: auto-complete (for fast data entry), support for multiple bank/cash accounts, bank reconciliation, VAT returns, and profit/loss account, balance sheet and ledgers reports.
16 SQL-Ledger SQL-Ledger
A web-based ERP system where accounting data is stored on an SQL database server.
17 Adminsoft Accounts A free multi-user, multi-company, and multi-currency accounting software with features for double entry accounting, accounts receivable (sales ledger), accounts payable (purchase ledger), general ledger (nominal ledger), stock control / inventory, purchase order processing, sales invoicing, human resources, and payroll.
18 TAS Basics Free accounting software designed to help businesses keep track of their cash flows.
19 CashBook Lite Free accounting software with features for GST/VAT, graphs, reporting, assets and depreciation, and also includes a contacts phone book.
20 Ledger Free accounting system with general ledger and cashbook.
21 GNU Enterprise
22 Falcon Expenses, Inc. Mobile receipt scanner (merchant, date and amount entered for you), GPS mileage expense tracker, and time logger for billable hours. Easily organize expenses by time period, client or project and prepare expenses reports for email to anyone in a PDF or spreadsheet files for reimbursement, record keeping or payment, all from you phone. Free download.
23 Manager Free accounting software for small business, available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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