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List of Questions and Answers Websites

List started by: L-Lists
List contributors: adamsmith, Collinx, diganswers, drphilip, elgerrouth, Geoff, kass5, L-Lists, mohi6644, owl, remo, Robertnkwan, Sintei2013, svwsolutions2, Thanh, whanswer
Date started: 06 May 2013
Last updated: 29 Jan 2020
Keywords: Q&A


A list of Q&A (questions and answers) websites.

Row # Title Image Description
1 Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange Network
A network of many specialised question and answer sites.
2 Answers.com Answers.com
3 ehelp Ask questions and get answers for free
4 Yahoo! Answers Yahoo! Answers
A questions/answers website by Yahoo.
5 Quora Quora
A Q&A site and blogging platform.
6 AskReddit AskReddit
A Q&A section on Reddit.
7 ChaCha ChaCha
Questions are answered by independent contractors known as Guides.
8 Mahalo Answers The questions and answers section of Mahalo, a site which also has how-to guides.
9 Askville Askville
Now defunct. Askville was a Q&A site by Amazon.com.
10 Wikipedia Reference Desk Wikipedia Reference Desk
Wikipedia reference desk works like a library reference desk. You can leave a question at the reference desk and Wikipedia volunteers try to help find the information you need.
11 QueryCAT A search engine where searches are for websites containing questions containing the search term.
12 Askalo Now defunct. Askalo was a questions and answers website where users can ask and answer questions about a particular city.
13 WebAnswers.com Now defunct. WebAnswers.com was a Q&A website where users could earn a portion of the ad-revenue for their awarded answers.
14 Ask Me Help Desk A general purpose questions and answers website.
15 The AnswerBank The AnswerBank
A question and answer website based in the United Kingdom.
16 Ask MetaFilter Ask MetaFilter
17 AskDeb A general purpose questions and answers website.
18 Able2Know Able2Know
A general purpose question and answer website where users can ask/answer questions and start discussions.
19 Question.com Question.com
A questions/answers website which also has reference resources including an encyclopaedia, a dictionary, quotes, a medical encyclopaedia, information about countries, and a today-in-history section.
20 The Straight Dope The Straight Dope
An online question and answer newspaper column published in the Chicago Reader and syndicated in other newspapers in the United States and Canada.
21 Computer Hope questions and answers Computer Hope questions and answers
Computer questions and answers
22 JustAnswer JustAnswer
Users can pay to have their questions answered by an expert.
23 AllExperts Now defunct.
24 Experts-Exchange A technology help website, with questions answered by experts.
25 Sharecare Sharecare
A health Q&A website
26 HealthTap A health Q&A website
27 Go Ask Alice A health Q&A internet resource.
28 WebMD Answers WebMD Answers
A health / medical Q&A website
29 Science.ca - Ask a scientist Science questions and answers
30 NEWTON Ask A Scientist An online science question-and-answer service for K-12 teachers and their students.
31 MadSci Network Science questions and answers
32 MathOverflow Mathematics questions and answers.
33 Avvo A Q&A site for American legal advice, and also a directory of US lawyers (with user reviews).
34 Trabber Respuestas Trabber Respuestas
A Spanish language Q&A site.
35 Baidu Knows Baidu Knows
A Chinese Q&A site by Baidu.
36 Knowledge Search Knowledge Search
A Korean Q&A site by Naver.
37 Otvet at Mail.ru A Russian Q&A site by Mail.Ru.
38 Eduflix An educational website with a questions and answers section, and educational video courses.
39 Internet Oracle Internet Oracle Collaborative humour with a Q&A format.
40 ask.fm ask.fm A social Q&A website
41 Sintei.com Sintei.com is a Q&A site for University Students.
42 Blurtit Blurtit Blurtit.com is a Social Q&A site, sort of like a cross between a social media platform and a question and answer site.
43 x2.fi A Finnish Q&A site allowing both registered and anonymous questions and answers.
44 WHAnswers WHAnswers is the question and answering service that provides the best answers from the web and community experts.
45 Dig Answers As a human being we are naturally curious about life questions on everyday topics, What ever you need to know Dig Answers has the answers your in search for.
46 Answer Highway Answer Highway A collection of Frequently Asked Questions contributed by the general public covering a large range of topics. Questions and answers are rated by members to help distinguish the most useful information in each category.
47 AskTester.com AskTester.com AskTester is not just another forum. AskTester is a community of professional testers where we can freely ask questions about testing, speak up your opinions, show your interests and sharing stuffs. Not like forum, AskTester will make sure your voice is listened.
48 Qanda Now defunct. Qanda.com.br was a Brazilian questions and answers website (in Portuguese).
49 OKWAVE A Japanese Q&A site.
50 GirlsAskGuys GirlsAskGuys A gender-centric questions and answers website/forum, about relationships and human behaviour.
51 KGB Answers Now defunct. KGB Answers was a questions and answers website with questions split into the following categories: Arts & Entertainment, Business & Money, Food & Drink, Health & Body, History & Politics, Home & Garden, Jokes, Local & Lookup, News & Current Events, Products & Services, Records & Statistics, Science & Technology, Sex & Relationships, Spirituality & Mythology, Sports, and Where can I...
52 Ask Your Opinion Ask Your Opinion A Q&A site with an emphasis on opinions. Questions have yes/no answer options.
53 Question Signal Question Signal Question Signal is a Question & Answer website where you can Ask Questions and Get Answers.
54 Kn-X Kn-X Sell what you know. Buy what you don't. Answerers have skin in the game.
55 Answeree.com Answeree.com A general Q&A website with wide verity of topics that cover under the sun. up vote or down vote system, best answer, signature link etc. are the main features. This site's members are mostly from various Google+ Communities and Facebook Groups with different topics. All these communities and groups are managed by members and moderators of the site.
56 Answers Mode Answers Mode A Q&A site available in English and Bengali.
57 Whiz Nigeria Questions and Answer Whiz Nigeria Questions and Answer Nigerian questions and answers website.
58 Sibilic Indian questions and answers website.
59 Asknaij.com Asknaij.com A Q&A site from Nigeria.
60 What Should I Do? What Should I Do? WSID is a Q&A social networking site that aids decision-making with real-time polls and allows users to ask "What Should I Do?"
61 ProProfs Discuss ProProfs Discuss A Q&A section on the ProProfs website.

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