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List of Image Hosting Sites

List started by: L-Lists
List contributors: anastaciomelero, Andy, beserious, devdude, imagem_app, L-Lists, lovedigit, marzu, pasteupload, pencive, swiftpic
Date started: 06 Dec 2014
Last updated: 31 Dec 2022
Keywords: images, photos, file hosting


A list of image hosting websites i.e. websites where images can be uploaded for the purpose of storage, especially for embedding in other websites. Many image hosting sites do not require registration. For most image hosting sites, upon uploading an image, the uploader is provided with a hosting URL, and HTML code for embedding in websites; and for many image hosting sites, BBCode for embedding in forums. The list should not include websites that satisfy the criteria and/or are listed in the list of photo sharing sites.

Row # Title Image Description
1 ImageShack ImageShack A photo hosting site requiring registration.
2 bild.me An image hosting website with optional registration.
3 Postimage.org An image hosting site with some resize and censorship options. Registration is optional.
4 FreeImageHosting.net An image hosting website for gif, jpg, bmp and png files no greater than 3000KB in size. Registration is optional.
5 ImagesUp Free image/photo hosting without registration. The photos are made public in an online photo gallery (that doesn't have a search function).
6 2i Free image hosting with options for thumbnail cropping, and keeping an image in your history.
7 AnonImg Logless image hosting (where IP addresses aren't stored and EXIF data is cleared). It accepts the following file types: PNG, JPG (JPEG), GIF, ICO, BMP, and WEBM.
8 imgup.net 
Image hosting site with optional registration.
9 SSLpic SSLpic
Free SSL secure image hosting for PayPal. The images are restricted to GIF and JPG files of a size no greater than 50KB.
10 Unsee Unsee
Private temporary image hosting (without registration) which gives the option of the images being deleted after their first view or after a fixed amount of time.
11 Dumpt A free image hosting service with optional registration. It allows the following file types: jpeg/jpg, gif, png and bmp.
12 eBayPhotogallery.com Free photo hosting for eBay and Aukro. Registration is optional.
13 Anony.ws Anonymous image hosting that requires registration.
14 bayimg bayimg
A website for free uncensored image hosting (as long as the stored images are legal under Swedish law). It allows uploading in 140 different formats including ZIP and RAR compressed folders of images. It gives the user the option of a removal code and tags.
15 Image Upload (.co.uk) Free image hosting with image resizing options, and the option of either uploading an image or taking an image from a URL.
16 Picture Trail Photo hosting site that requires registration.
17 CtrlV.in An image hosting site that allows the user to paste, upload, or draw an image; or take a photo. No registration.
18 HTTPS Image.com A free secure image hosting service, designed for hosting images that need to be served using the HTTPS (SSL) protocol.
19 Uploads.im Uploads.im
An image hosting service that allows images to be uploaded from either a computer or URL. It provides some image size options and there is no registration.
20 iForce iForce
A New Zealand image hosting site with optional registration. Images can either be uploaded or linked to via an image URL.
21 Image-Share.com Image-Share.com
An image hosting site without registration, and available in Polish or English. Users can select the number of images they want to upload, and are presented with a variety of thumbnail and size options.
22 ImagiLive An image hosting site available in French and English, that provides options for image dimensions, censorship, privacy (i.e. doesn't show in their gallery), and expiration (i.e. when the images expire, if ever).
23 Dead Zoom Dead Zoom
A paid image hosting service designed for auctions. It includes a water-mark tool.
24 KN3 Image hosting website.
25 imagehostplus.com A paid subscription image hosting service.
26 Photo-Host.org Photo-Host.org
Free photo hosting (without registration) with the option of uploading from either your computer or an image URL.
27 MyImageHosting.com MyImageHosting.com A paid subscription based image hosting service.
28 UltraIMG Free image hosting (that requires registration).
29 Zenfolio Zenfolio
An image hosting service with a variety of paid subscription options.
30 ExtraZoom An image hosting site designed for large images (long and/or wide images).
31 Picblaze An image hosting site with both free and paid options.
32 ImageTitan ImageTitan
Image hosting site for gif, jpg, jpeg, and png files.
33 ImgWiz ImgWiz
Image hosting site (without registration), with the option of either uploading the image from a computer or posting an image URL.
34 Host then Post Image hosting site.
35 xomf Image hosting website without registration.
36 GPSFileDepot An image hosting site for GPS receiver images.
37 SwiftPic.org SwiftPic.org is a simple, free image hosting service offering easy uploads, linking, and image sharing. Upload multiple images from any device or website and share them over 200 ways.
38 Melero Photos Melero Photos Host as many pictures and at whatever quality you want for free at Melero Photos.
39 Unlimited Image Hosting Service free of cost. Unlimited Image Hosting Service free of cost. Upload unlimited images to our secured and cloud based server. mage sharing, Hotlinks, upto 10 MB file allowed, Bulk Upload option.
40 Paste to Upload Paste to Upload
paste clipboard images for instant hosting and sharing!
41 Lensdump Lensdump Free cloud image hosting for forum and professional photography showcases.
42 IMGSU A site similar to Imgur.
43 imagem.app
44 Picijo Upload and share images without login
45 ImgBay Image hosting website without registration.
46 Bashify Free image hosting without having to register or signup. Anonymity guaranteed.

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