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List of Android Easter Eggs

List started by: L-Lists
List contributors: L-Lists
Date started: 31 Aug 2015
Last updated: 01 Sep 2015
Keywords: Google, Android, operating systems, mobile devices, Easter Eggs


A list of Easter eggs (hidden quirks/amusements) in Google's Android mobile operating system and Android applications.

Row # Title Description
1 Android food animation Since the Gingerbread (2.3) version of Android, a hidden animation can be accessed through the Settings application in the About phone section, by repeatedly tapping the Android version section. The animation is different in every version of the OS.

In 4.4, the text 'Android' becomes changes to the style of the Kit-Kat logo. If the Android logo is then long-pressed, a tile interface loads with icons from all previous versions of Android (and appears to be a mock of the Windows phone interface).

In 5.X, a circle appears, and turns into a colour changing lollipop when repeatedly tapped. If the lollipop is long-pressed, a copy of Flappy bird appears (with the Android mascot instead of the bird).
2 Google+ snow fall (now defunct) There used to be an Easter egg, where if you shook the device while in Google+, snow would fall. Shaking it would save an animated GIF of the image with falling snow to the pictures directory.
3 Christmas Carols Searching for [let's go caroling] or [let's go carolling] on Google Now results in an extra card which displays a list of Christmas carols. Select a carol to play the music and show the lyrics.
4 All your games are belong to us On the Google Play Games app, if the player swipes the Konami Code, a box will appear with a B, A and â–º button. Pressing B, A and then the â–º in that order unlocks a secret achievement called 'All your games are belong to us.'. It is a reference to the well known 'All your base are belong to us', a broken English phrase found in the opening cut-scene of the 1991 video game Zero Wing, which became a popular Internet meme.
5 Google Chrome Beta dinosaur game On Google Chrome Beta for Android (launched 29 October 2014), if the user browse the internet while not connected, a 'not connected' message is shown along with a little dinosaur. On tapping this little dinosaur the browser activates a game in which the user has to protect the running dinosaur from obstacles by tapping on the screen to jump.

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