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List of Online Dialect and Accent Tests

List started by: L-Lists
List contributors: L-Lists
Date started: 12 Jan 2014
Last updated: 12 Jan 2014
Keywords: online tests, dialects, accents, linguistics


A list of online dialect and accent tests which ask a series of multiple choice questions, and then present a set of results comparing the test participant's word pronunciation and/or usage with various countries, geographic regions, classes, and/or cultures/subcultures.

Row # Title Image Description
1 USA Dialect Quiz Map USA Dialect Quiz Map
A US dialect test on the New York Times website, that is based on the results of the Harvard Dialect Survey. After answering a set of multi-choice questions on how you use and pronounce particular words, you would be shown a highly detailed heat-map of the US, where a colour spectrum is used to show which locations are most/least similar to your dialect.
2 The Great English Dialect Quiz A UK dialect test, that shows which region's dialect/pronunciation is most like yours. The test asks a set of multiple choice questions related to pronunciation and vocabulary usage.
3 Which American accent do you have? A test which asks multiple choice questions on vowel pronunciation in various words, and then finds which regional American accent it is closest to.
4 American/British Accent Test It calls itself an accent test, but is entirely about word usage (and not vowel pronunciation).
5 What American accent do you have? A regional American accents test, which displays the results as a set of bar graphs. The regional accents include: The Northeast, The Inland North, Philadelphia, The South, The Midland, Boston, North Central, and The West.
6 What Is Your American Accent? An American accents/dialect test (based on word pronunciation and usage). The results categories are: Southern Belle, North-Eastern American Accent, and American as Apple Pie.

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