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List of microblogging sites like Twitter

List started by: L-Lists
List contributors: L-Lists
Date started: 05 Jan 2014
Last updated: 24 Jun 2016
Keywords: microblogging, social media, weibo


A list of microblogging websites similar to Twitter. Microblogging websites are typically websites where short messages can be posted publicly (like a blog post but with a low character limit, and the posts from multiple users being displayed together in a feed).

Microblogging is very popular in China (and other Chinese speaking countries) due partly to the language's logogrammic written form (i.e. each character represents a word/meaning rather than a sound) allowing more information to be conveyed per character (compared to a phonogrammic language like English). A microblogging site in Chinese, is called a 'weibo'.

Row # Title Image Description
1 Twitter Twitter
Twitter is a microblogging site where users can post messages (called 'tweets') containing no more than 140 characters. Users can follow other users. A user's tweets and the tweets of those they follow, would appear in their feed (where the tweets are listed in chronological order with the newest at the top). Searchable keywords (known as hashtags) can be placed within a tweet by putting a hash symbol (#) immediately before the word. In addition to text and links, users can also post images and videos.
2 Sina Weibo Sina Weibo
Sina Weibo is a very popular Chinese microblogging site. Its similarities to Twitter include the 140 characters limit, re-posting (similar to Twitter's retweet function), hashtags, conversations (using @username), and shortened URLs. Users can attach image, audio, and video files to their posts.
3 Google Plus Google Plus
Google+ is a social network that allows its users (people and pages), to 'circle' one another (with user generated circle categories). Users can make both private and public posts. The public posts function allows Google+ to be used in a similar way to Twitter (but allows for much longer posts).
4 Tumblr Tumblr
A blogging platform with microblogging features.
5 Plurk Plurk
A microblogging website which allows its users to unlock additional features (such as unique characters, custom display name, and photo upload) by earning badges.
6 Soup Soup
Soup (Soup.io) describes itself as a tumblelog. Users can post text, links, quotes, videos, audio, files, reviews, and events. The posting character limits are less restrictive than for Twitter.
7 Meemi Now defunct. A microblogging site that was available in English and Italian.
8 Heello Heello describes itself as a real-time sharing platform. It allows its users to post photos, videos, and check-ins.
9 Tout Tout
A video sharing website with a microblogging design. The videos are listed in a feed (similar to the tweet feed in Twitter), and users can follow each other (in a similar way to Twitter).
10 identi.ca identi.ca
A social microblogging service built on open source tools and open standards. Like with Twitter, the text-based posts are limited to 140 characters.
11 Tencent Weibo Tencent Weibo
A Chinese microblogging site by Tencent.
12 Sohu Weibo A Chinese microblogging/weibo site by Sohu.
13 People's Weibo A Chinese weibo (microblog) site.
14 Xinhua Weibo A Chinese microblogging site
15 Tianya Weibo A Chinese microblogging service by Tianya.
16 Hexun Weibo A Chinese finance news weibo / microblogging site.
17 Fanfou Fanfou A Chinese microblogging site that was launched in 2007.
18 Newsvine Newsvine A blogging/microblogging website where users can post links to news articles, and post news articles and opinion pieces they have written themselves.
19 Ello Ello Ello describes itself as being a social networking site, but is more of a microblogging site like Twitter. Users can follow, be followed, and make posts.
20 SayBubble SayBubble Saybubble is a social network and microblogging site, with an emphasis on cities and countries. Registered accounts can be for individuals or organisations (which also have an individual named as the contact). Users may follow users, countries, and cities. Users can also make friends, photo galleries and posts. Posts can be either public or only for friends, and may include a video, a link, and up to four images. The posts may tag cities and/or users. Posts can be up-voted, down-voted, favourited, shared, linked to other posts, and receive comments.

SayBubble features an uncommon split-screen layout. On the left-side there are tabs which include your news feed, posts, friends, the users/cities you are following, and a countries menu. The right-side layout depends on what you have clicked. Clicking on a city profile link brings up that city's profile and feed on the right-side. Clicking on an individual's profile link shows their profile on the right-side. The right-side also has a menu for cities, a tab for your profile, a tab for your photo galleries, and a search tab.
21 Blobic Now defunct (with the domain now going to the website of a Spanish SEO company). Formerly a popular Spanish language microblogging site that let users post links, make text posts (known as blobics), and upload images. Users could follow categories and other users. The feed had a pinboard style layout, similar to Pinterest.

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