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List of Stock Photography Sites

List started by: L-Lists
List contributors: L-Lists
Date started: 21 Dec 2013
Last updated: 21 Dec 2013
Keywords: photos, images, stock photography


A list of websites for stock photos (and other stock images), which could include free stock photos, royalty free stock photos, and rights managed stock photos.

Row # Title Image Description
1 Shutterstock Shutterstock
A stock media site with over 30 million stock photos, illustrations, vectors and videos.
2 iStock A website by Getty Images, for royalty-free stock photos, vector art illustrations, stock footage and audio for print and use on websites and presentations.
3 123RF Stock photos and royalty free images
4 Fotolia Fotolia
Royalty free images, photos, vectors and videos
5 Dreamstime Dreamstime
Free and commercial stock photos and images
6 freepik.com Free photos, illustrations, PSD and vectors for using in websites, banners, presentations, magazines and advertising.
7 stock.xchng stock.xchng
Free stock photos
8 Depositphotos Depositphotos
Stock photos, royalty-free images, illustrations and vector art
9 Big Stock Photo Big Stock Photo
Royalty-free images and vectors.
10 www.freedigitalphotos.net Free stock images (however larger images may require a fee).
11 Getty Images Getty Images High resolution royalty-free images, editorial stock photos, vector art, video footage clips and stock music.
12 Can Stock Photo Royalty-free stock photography images
13 GraphicStock Royalty free stock images, vectors, illustrations, icons, buttons and other graphics.
14 pond5 pond5 describes itself as being a stock media marketplace. It has stock photos, illustrations, videos, music, SFX, after effects, and 3D models.
15 StockFreeImages StockFreeImages
Free stock photos and other images.
16 Corbis Images Corbis Images
Corbis Corporation's website for stock images.
17 Alamy Alamy
A website for buying and selling stock photos.
18 Photos.com Royalty free images and illustrations
19 StockVault Free stock photos
20 FEMA Media Library FEMA Media Library
Disaster related photos and videos from FEMA (the US Federal Emergency Management Agency).
21 Inmagine Royalty free stock photography images
22 Veer A website for stock photos, stock illustration, and fonts
23 AP Images AP Images
A stock news photography website from AP (Associated Press).
24 Japan Photo Library A stock photos site from the Japan National Tourism Organisation.
25 Go Graph Go Graph
Stock photography, illustrations, and clip art
26 Jupiterimages Royalty-free stock photos and illustrations from Getty Images and 50 other collections.
27 age fotostock Rights managed and royalty free stock photos (and also stock videos).
28 Image Source Image Source
Rights managed and royalty free stock images.
29 CriticalPast Royalty-free vintage stock photo images and footage.
30 AAP Newswire Multimedia AAP Newswire Multimedia
A stock media site (with photos, videos, graphics and cartoons) from AAP (Australian Associated Press).
31 StockImageBank StockImageBank
Indian and international stock images
32 Daily News Pix Daily News Pix
The photo archive of New York's Daily News.
33 Brazil Photos Brazil Photos
Stock photography service specialising in pictures of Brazil
34 Blend Images A multicultural commercial stock photography agency that specialises in ethnic lifestyles, business, medical and educational imagery for advertising.
35 PhotosIndia.com An Indian stock photos website
36 Stock Photo Spain Stock photos from Spain
37 Great Stock! A South African stock photo and stock footage site.
38 Phovoir Images Phovoir Images
A French language stock photos site.
39 moodboard A stock photography site with a layout similar to Pinterest.
40 Imagedb Imagedb
Stock images from India
41 Tetra Images Tetra Images
Rights managed and royalty free stock images.
42 Westend61 A German stock photography website
43 Indonesia Photography Indonesia Photography
Aerial, location and stock photos, movies, maps and info about Indonesia
44 Design Pics Design Pics
Royalty free stock photography
45 AgenFOTO.Com AgenFOTO.Com
An Indonesian stock photography website
46 OnNigeria Images Nigerian stock photography
47 ImageDJ ImageDJ
A Chinese language stock images site.
48 Fotoe A stock photo agency specialising in images of China (culture, history, travel, geography, etc.) for editorial use.
49 Photo New Zealand Photo New Zealand New Zealand stock photography
50 OzStock Images Premium Australian stock photos
51 Australia Stock Photos and Videos Fine art stock photography and stock videography from around Australia.
52 My Chilly Bin My Chilly Bin
NZ photos and images for use in brochures, adverts, websites and posters; and for editorial use in reports, newsletters, magazines and books.
53 Redbrickstock Australian stock photo library
54 Photo Japan A stock photography site in English, of photos from Japan (including Japanese culture, lifestyle, architecture, people, places, things and more).
55 Mirrorpix Mirrorpix
The Daily Mirror's picture library and photographic archive (with photographs from as early as 1903).
56 PicJew Photos and pictures with Jewish themes and motifs.
57 Photo Mexico Stock A stock photography section on the Photo Mexico website.
58 Asia Photo Connection Stock photos from Asia
59 WeatherVideoHD.TV Royalty-free curated stock weather photos, illustrations and footage.
60 Blue Jean Images Blue Jean Images
Chinese stock photography
61 Image To You Image To You
Australian stock images
62 FreeAussieStock.com FreeAussieStock.com
Free stock photos from Australia
63 Real World Image Real World Image
Editorial and news stock photos
64 WGBH Stock Sales A stock media site from WGBH Boston (a producer of public television programs), which has digital images, moving image clips, web content and text.
65 Russian Media Bank Russian Media Bank is a Russian stock image, stock footage and stock music library. The website is available in English.
66 Australian Stock Images Australian Stock Images
Australian landscape stock photos
67 Author's Image Author's Image
A website for travel/tourism related stock photography.
68 Stock4B Stock4B
German stock photography
69 StockbyWay An Australian stock photography site
70 AustralianStockPhotography.com.au Australian stock photography

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