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List of Stock Footage Sites

List started by: anistock
List contributors: anistock, L-Lists
Date started: 04 Dec 2013
Last updated: 14 Dec 2013
Keywords: stock footage, videos


Stock footage websites and libraries.

Row # Title Image Description
1 Anistock stock footage HD
2 Shutterstock HD stock footage and videos.
3 iStock A Getty Images website for royalty free stock photos, vector art illustrations, stock footage and audio.
4 Videohive Royalty free video files, stock footage, motion graphics, DVD menus, and project files.
5 Getty Images Stock Footage Library Getty Images Stock Footage Library
Stock video footage ranging from archival film to contemporary HD stock video.
6 Video Blocks A site for royalty free stock video footage, that allows unlimited downloads for the use in all types of projects.
7 pond5 pond5 describes itself as being a stock media marketplace. It has stock videos, photos, illustrations, music, SFX, after effects, and 3D models.
8 RevoStock RevoStock
A website for paid stock footage and video templates (and also music and sound effects).
9 NFB Images NFB Images 
Archival footage from the National Film Board of Canada.
10 Stock Footage for Free A site for free stock footage/videos. The site has YouTube previews of the downloadable free stock videos.
11 CriticalPast Royalty-free vintage stock footage and stock photo images.
12 BBC Motion Gallery HD stock videos from the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).
13 Artbeats Artbeats
Royalty-free HD stock footage shot on film and video.
14 Framepool Framepool
Archival and creative HD stock footage.
15 CNN ImageSource CNN ImageSource 
An online stock footage library from CNN.
16 AP Archive AP Archive
The film and video archive of the Associated Press.
17 NBCUniversal Archives NBCUniversal Archives 
Stock footage and news video clips from NBC News, NBC Sports, The Weather Channel, NBC Radio, Telemundo, Universal Studios, NBC Artworks and Saturday Night Live.
18 NatureFootage Stock video footage of wildlife and scenic destinations.
19 eFootage eFootage 
Film and video stock footage archive (contemporary and vintage).
20 MrFootage MrFootage A stock videos site with the following video categories: sports, nature & landscape, wildlife, historical & archival, soccer & football, cities & locations, marine, war & disaster, bloopers, aerials, people & family, medicine & health, celebrities, industry & transport, business, space & technology.
21 OceanFootage Stock footage of underwater life and ocean destinations.
22 Historic Films Stock footage spanning the years of 1895 to 2010, and includes footage of news, home movies, celebrity events, vintage TV programs, adverts, interviews, silent films, training films, military films, cartoons and more.
23 INA MediaPro An online stock audiovisual library from France's Institut national de l'audiovisuel (National Audiovisual Institute).
24 HBO Archives HBO Archives 
A stock footage library from HBO, for commercial media use. The collections include sports, entertainment news, contemporary, archival and wildlife.
25 Sony Pictures Stock Footage Sony Pictures Stock Footage 
A stock footage site from Sony Pictures Entertainment.
26 FootageBank HD FootageBank HD 
HD stock footage clips from around the world.
27 F.I.L.M. Archives F.I.L.M. Archives 
Vintage, contemporary, and news video stock footage.
28 Skyworks HD aerial stock footage archive.
29 Absolutely Wild Visuals Absolutely Wild Visuals 
HD, 35mm, S16mm and other high end stock video footage, with a focus on travel, worldwide locations and nature.
30 Reelin In The Years A website specialising in stock music footage.
31 Global ImageWorks Stock footage from filmmakers, cinematographers, correspondents and production companies.
32 Producers Library Producers Library 
A stock footage website from the Producers Library (a stock footage house founded in 1957).
33 WeatherVideoHD.TV Royalty-free curated stock weather footage, photos and illustrations.
34 Gaumont Pathé Archives A French stock footage site.
35 Budget Films A privately owned film archive, with contemporary and archival stock footage. Footage can be searched for by decade, genre, colour, technique and keywords.
36 All Stock Footage All Stock Footage
HD and 35mm film stock footage.
37 ABCNEWS VideoSource News and stock footage from ABC News, APTN and British Movietone News.
38 WGBH Stock Sales A stock media site from WGBH Boston (a producer of public television programs), which has moving image clips, digital images, web content and text.
39 WPA Film Library A repository of archival and stock footage for documentary programming.
40 Silverman Stock Footage Royalty-free stock footage and video clips
41 AdventureFootage Action sports, extreme sports, and outdoor adventure stock footage.
42 3DFootage 3DFootage 
3D stock video footage.
43 CelebrityFootage CelebrityFootage 
A stock footage library with celebrity videos and interviews from red carpet events and premieres.
44 StormStock A website for weather, seasonal, and natural disaster related stock footage and stills.
45 Home Video Licensing Videos from America's Funniest Home Videos clip library.
46 New Zealand Stock Footage Stock footage from New Zealand.
47 AM Stock-Cameo Stock footage from the AM Stock-Cameo Film Library (which was formed by a merger of AM Stock Exchange and Cameo Film Library).
48 Conus Archive The video archives of Conus.
49 Third Millennium Stock Footage Stock film site

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