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List of sites like YouTube

List started by: L-Lists
List contributors: anastaciomelero, bijujohn, cagri_s, L-Lists, NewVideos, niki123, patitopotato, real, Sanjeev, ww97
Date started: 04 Aug 2013
Last updated: 26 Jun 2020
Keywords: videos


A list of video sharing websites where users can upload (or at the very least, submit), search for, and watch online streaming videos. The list could include general purpose video sharing sites, specialised video sharing sites, and websites that have a video sharing section (but may have multiple functions or a different primary function).

Row # Title Image Description
1 YouTube YouTube
Youtube is the most frequently visited website which specialises in online video streaming, and one of the most frequently visited websites overall. Youtube was created in 2005 and bought by Google in 2006.
2 Dailymotion Dailymotion
A video sharing website where users can upload, share and view videos.
3 Vimeo Vimeo
Vimeo was founded in 2004, and in 2007 became the first video streaming site to allow its users to upload HD quality videos.
4 Metacafe Metacafe
A video hosting site like Youtube.
5 Flickr Flickr
Primarily a photo/image sharing site, but also allows the uploading of videos.
6 Youku Youku
A Chinese website similar to Youtube.
7 Ku6.com Ku6.com
A Chinese video portal
8 Nico Nico Douga Nico Nico Douga
A Japanese website similar to Youtube.
9 56.com 56.com
A Chinese site similar to Youtube.
10 Archive.org Community Video Archive.org Community Video
A section on Archive.org where people can upload their own videos for public display. Formerly Archive.org Open Source Video.
11 Tudou Tudou
A Chinese site that is like Youtube.
12 Rediff ishare A user submitted videos section on Rediff, an English language India-centric web portal.
13 Veoh Veoh
A videos site with major studio content, independent productions and user-generated videos.
14 Sapo Videos Sapo Videos
A website for on-demand videos (for TV shows and movies) and video sharing (videos uploaded by users), from the Portuguese internet giant Sapo (which also has news, blogs, image hosting, email accounts, real estate listings, search engine etc).
15 Mail.ru Videos Mail.ru Videos
Mail.ru is a Russian internet giant which has a web portal, blogging platform, file hosting service, image hosting service, online games, instant messaging, social network, Q&A site, social search engine, software directory, free email service, and a video sharing section
16 LiveLeak LiveLeak
A website that lets users post and share videos related to current events, politics, and social issues. It also has forums.
17 MyVideo A former German video sharing site. MyVideo also had other domains for other countries.
18 SmugMug A paid digital photo sharing website, that also hosts videos.
19 Pandora.tv Pandora.tv is a Korean site similar to Youtube.
20 Funnyordie.com Funnyordie.com
A comedy website where users can upload pictures, podcasts and videos.
21 FunnyJunk Funny pictures, gifs, comics, and videos (either uploaded to the site, or linked to Youtube). Users can rate stuff as either being funny or junk.
22 4shared.com A file sharing site, where videos can be uploaded, watched and downloaded.
23 eBaum's World Funny videos, funny pictures, flash games, and jokes
24 Tune.pk Tune.pk
Tune.pk is a video sharing site from Pakistan.
25 Videivodo Turkish videos site, available in Turkish and English.
26 Trilulilu Trilulilu
A Romanian images, music, and video sharing website.
27 Videolog A now defunct Portuguese language video sharing site and online community. Videolog was founded in May 2004 and was closed down in January 2015.
28 YouMaker A Chinese language (also available partly in English) video sharing, photo sharing, an online community website. A popular site in Taiwan.
29 GodTube A Christian oriented Youtube like site. Formerly Tangle.com.
30 StreetFire Car videos and photos. Now defunct (streetfire.net).
31 StupidVideos.com Funny and stupid videos (and photos and flash games) from around the web and television.
32 Lafango Now defunct? Lafango is a platform for EPKs (electronic press kits), especially for musicians and bands. Users can upload various multimedia files including videos, audio, images and text (which can be filtered easily with the search function).
33 Snotr Family-safe source for short videos (submitted videos are reviewed by the Snotr team, before they are put online).
34 TeacherTube Educational videos, docs, audios and photos
35 Lustich.de German site with comedy videos section
36 Monkey See How-to videos, from experts
37 SchoolTube SchoolTube
A USA K-12 moderated video sharing platform, designed for students and educators.
38 Bofunk A video sharing site that also had pictures, flash games and soundboards.
39 ShowMeDo Hosts and distributes screencast and video tutorials focused on building and using open-source software. It might now be defunct (showmedo.com).
40 Vidmax Funny and crazy videos
41 ApnaTube Now defunct? Desi-centric free online social networking site that also provides a free video and photo hosting service allowing users to view, upload, and share videos.
42 EngageMedia Social justice and environmental themed videos from/about the Asia-Pacific region.
43 Bubblare.se Swedish video sharing site. It might now be defunct (bubblare.se).
44 Zeega Now defunct. Zeega was a website for creating and sharing interactive sets of videos and images.
45 my.tv.sohu.com A Chinese video sharing site from the Chinese internet giant Sohu.
46 Baomihua.com A Chinese video sharing website that displays the category listings and search results in a grid pattern.
47 PPS.tv A Chinese website with online streamed TV episodes and feature length movies, and also allows video sharing.
48 YinYueTai YinYueTai A music videos sharing site (in Chinese, but with music from around the world).
49 TAKEaZAP Now defunct? TAKEaZAP was a video sharing site for funny videos.
50 WeJew Now defunct. WeJew described itself as being a Jewish video megasite portal, and was a video sharing site for videos related to Judaism and Israel.
51 FC2 Video FC2 Video A video sharing section on FC2, a website with a variety of features including blogging platform, website builder, BBS and more. There are more than 800,000 videos on FC2 Video. Although the site is available in a variety of languages, it appears that most of the videos have their descriptions and titles written in Japanese. FC2 is one of the most visited websites in Japan.
52 Tout Tout Formerly a video sharing website with a microblogging site structure. The videos were listed in a feed and users could follow each other (much like with Twitter).
53 Yam MyMedia A Chinese language video sharing section on the Taiwanese website Yam. (This might now be defunct. It was formerly at: mymedia.yam.com).
54 Daum tv Daum tv Now defunct. Daum tv (tvpot.daum.net) was a video sharing section on Daum, a Korean web-portal. It ended in November 2018. The website now links to tv.kakao.com.
55 NewVideos.com A free video sharing website that allows its users to start their own channel and to link their website, Facebook page and Twitter account from it. The videos can either be uploaded to NewVideos.com or embedded from other video sharing websites (such as YouTube).
56 YouSabi An African themed video sharing site. The site has over 2000 videos, including feature length Nigerian and Ghanaian movies. This site might now be defunct (yousabi.com).
57 Vine Vine
Vine is now defunct. It was a video sharing website and mobile app, that allowed the sharing of short (6 seconds long) looping videos. It allowed the user to share the videos directly to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.
58 Ä°zlesene.com Ä°zlesene.com Turkish video sharing site.
59 V.QQ.com V.QQ.com
A videos section on the popular Chinese website QQ. The videos include TV shows on demand, and user uploaded videos.
60 TinyPic A former image and video sharing site that didn't require registration or logging-in to upload. It allowed users to upload images and videos from their computer, or from a web URL.
61 Myspace Myspace
A music social network (that was formerly a general purpose social network), with video sharing capabilities.
62 Poolwo Poolwo was a general purpose social networking site with sections that include: members, photos, videos, music, radio, blogs, articles, events, ecards, groups, polls, jobs, and pages.
63 IRC-Galleria - Videos A video sharing section on the Finnish social networking site IRC-Galleria.
64 Spaces A Russian social network that combines microblogging/blogging, photo/video/file sharing and more.
65 Instagram Instagram Primarily an online photo sharing site, that also allows the uploading of short videos.
66 Bird Forum TV A video sharing site for bird and other wildlife videos.
67 YourTechTV A video sharing site for technology related videos.
68 ZippCast A now defunct general purpose video sharing site (which had over 20,000 videos), where videos could be given a rating out of five stars.
69 Unlisted Videos Unlisted Videos A website by Statistical Consultants Ltd (the developer of L-Lists), for the searching, submitting, and watching of unlisted YouTube videos. Unlisted videos are videos that don't appear in YouTube's search results (except in playlists).
70 vidme Vidme was launched on 22 January in 2014, and ended on 15 December 2017. Vidme was like Imgur but for videos and GIFs. Videos and GIFs could be uploaded without an account. Videos and GIFs from other sites could also be submitted by pasting their URLs. The files could be downloaded, embedded, up-voted/down-voted, and added to albums.
71 ToonTube Now defunct? Video sharing site for cartoons/animations.
72 Tomsk.fm Russian video sharing site, with a video player that has a stop button (in addition to a pause button) and a rotation button (to rotate the videos 90 degrees).
73 MyVideo.ge MyVideo.ge
A Georgian language video sharing site. It is primarily a video sharing site but also has sections for live streaming, music streaming (like Spotify), movies, looped short videos (like Vine), and live TV of Georgian TV stations.
74 video.sibnet.ru Video sharing section on the Russian website Sibnet.ru.
75 Melero Video Now defunct?
76 UltimateTube UltimateTube Share and Watch Christian Videos.
77 Tu Vision Canal A former Spanish language video sharing site.
78 Pommtree Formerly a travel and dining video sharing site, with videos pinned to locations on a map. It is now a travel blog.
79 Indi A video sharing site for showcasing talents. Users can submit videos to various challenge competitions.
80 Genero A platform for buying/selling/showcasing videos for music videos and brands.
81 TechTalks.tv A site for sharing technology related videos and lecture slides.
82 DocCheck TV A video sharing site for medical videos.
83 eyeMoviePedia eyeMoviePedia offers all scientists from the field of Ophthalmology the possibility to publish their films online.
84 Vrideo Immersive videos that can be streamed (and rotated) in a web browser or from a virtual reality headset.
85 ellentube Videos from Ellen DeGeneres and her show, and videos uploaded by users from around the world.
86 Aparat Aparat Iranian video sharing website.
87 GoodnessTv Now defunct. A video sharing site for videos that cover positive news and promote community and social involvement.
88 Rutube A Russian language video sharing site for private individuals and a VOD site for licensed programming from entertainment companies.
89 Vidio An Indonesian video sharing site.
90 BoleTube Ethiopian video sharing site.
91 AcFun AcFun
AcFun is a Chinese video sharing website. AcFun is an abbreviation of 'anime, comic and fun'.
92 Bilibili Bilibili
Bilibili is a Chinese video sharing website themed around anime, manga, and game fandom.
93 Gfycat Gfycat A site for watching and sharing animated GIFs.
94 BitChute BitChute
BitChute is a video sharing site that uses peer-to-peer technology. It can be used as a way to avoid censorship and demonetisation by established services like YouTube.
95 DTube D.Tube is a crypto-decentralized video platform, built on top of the STEEM Blockchain and the IPFS peer-to-peer network.
96 Peertube PeerTube describes itself as a federated (ActivityPub) video streaming platform using P2P (BitTorrent) directly in the web browser with WebTorrent and Angular.
97 BitTube Video sharing site that allows the tipping of channels.
98 Cocoscope Cocoscope Cocoscope is a video sharing site that allows both public videos and videos available only to the channel's paying subscribers. Monetization can be in the form of tips, monthly subscriptions from fans, and the purchase of individual videos.
99 Veto Veto Veto is an open content sharing platform, built from the ground up to support the upload, download and viewing of video, audio and photography content.
100 Veblr Veblr Veblr is a video sharing platform from India. It has sections for a variety of languages (mostly Indian languages).
101 kakaoTV Korean video platform.
102 Vlare A video sharing website with social features.
103 VidLii VidLii General purpose video sharing site.
104 bianco.tv bianco.tv Video upload and video sharing community. Supports anonymous uploads and monetization

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