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List of YouTube Easter eggs

List started by: L-Lists
List contributors: L-Lists
Date started: 08 Aug 2015
Last updated: 08 Aug 2015
Keywords: YouTube, Easter eggs


A list of Easter eggs (hidden quirks/amusements) on YouTube. YouTube search terms mentioned in the description are contained within square brackets (the square brackets aren't to be included in the search).

Row # Title Description
1 Doge meme Searching for [doge meme] on YouTube will change the font to Comic Sans in a variety of colours.
2 Webdriver Torso Searching for [webdriver torso] on YouTube will bring up the search results with a red background and a blue rectangle around some videos. It also says 'aqua.flv - Slide 000[0-9]' at the bottom left corner of the page. This is a reference to the Webdriver Torso mystery; a YouTube channel filled with many videos of red and blue rectangles. Google confirmed that it is behind the channel, and that it is for video quality testing.
3 Do the Harlem Shake Searching for [do the Harlem shake] on YouTube, leads to a results page where the Harlem Shake song plays, and the search results eventually dance around.
4 Beam me up Scotty Searching for [beam me up Scotty] on YouTube, will make the search results beam down onto the screen. A reference to Star Trek.
5 Use the force Luke Searching for [use the force Luke] on YouTube, will make the results levitate. A reference to Star Wars.

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