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List of Forum Hosts

List started by: L-Lists
List contributors: L-Lists, mopednemoy
Date started: 12 Mar 2014
Last updated: 06 Sep 2019
Keywords: forums, social media


A list of forum platforms i.e. websites for creating and hosting online forums. The list may include websites with some other primary function (such as social networking) but also allow users to start online forums.

Row # Title Image Description
1 Yuku Yuku is an online forums platform that allows its users to create forums, with URLs that are subdomains of the Yuku domain (e.g. http://forumname.yuku.com).
2 Reddit Reddit
Reddit is a website containing a large set of user generated forums (known as reddits and subreddits). Within a reddit/subreddit, users can create two different types of threads: text and link (i.e. a single webpage URL). The threads can be voted up or down, and can be sorted in a variety of ways. A link cannot be posted more than once to the same reddit/subreddit.
3 ProBoards A free forum hosting service, with the forum URLs as subdomains of the proboards.com domain.
4 Forumotion Forumotion allows its users to create free forums based on phpBB2, phpBB3, punBB and Invision. The forum URLs are as a subdomain of one of the Forumotion domains (they have a variety of domains including forumotion.com, forumotion.us, forumotion.co.uk, and more).
5 ZetaBoards ZetaBoards
A free forum hosting site by Zathyus Networks (that also own InvisionFree).
6 FreeForums.org A website that allows people to start their own online forums. The free forums have URLs that are subdomains of the freeforums.org domain. Paid options are available to have the forum at your own domain and/or to remove the advertising.
7 InvisionFree InvisionFree
A free forum hosting site by Zathyus Networks (that also own ZetaBoards).
8 tribe.net A social networking site where individuals can have a profile page, connect with each other, and create and join 'tribes'. Tribes are online communities similar to conventional online forums, which have a tabbed interface with the following categories: topics, photos, listings, events, reviews, requests.
9 Create a Forum A forum platform with a free option and a variety of paid options. Some of its features include: photo galleries, browser games, and ecommerce and classifieds systems.
10 ProphpBB ProphpBB
A site for creating free forums. The forum URLs are a subdomain of the prophpbb.com domain. A premium version is also available for a monthly fee. The premium version has additional features such as the ability to upload attachments, remove advertising (or display your own), greater flexibility for public/private viewing content, and access to a special support forum.
11 Orkut Orkut
Orkut is a social networking site launched in 2004, that is owned and operated by Google. It is available in English, but over half of its users are from Brazil, and about a quarter of its users are from India. The communities that users can create and join, are essentially just online discussion forums.
12 SiteGround A paid forum hosting service.
13 Taringa! Taringa!
Taringa is an Argentina based Spanish language social networking website that combines blogging, microblogging, image sharing, and forums.
14 VK VK
VK (formerly VKontakte) is primarily a social network (available in Russian, Ukrainian, and English) but has a feature that allows users to create community groups, which are like discussion forums.
15 phpBBhosts.co.uk phpBBhosts.co.uk
A website for free phpBB3 forum hosting.
16 CreateMyBB A free forum host.
17 IcyBoards A free MyBB forum hosting site. The forum URLS are a subdomain of the icyboards.net domain (not the icyboards.com domain).
18 BlogFree A website for creating a free blog or forum. It is available in a variety of languages (including English), but around three quarters of its visitors (and much of its content) is in Italian.
19 MyBB MyBB Using MyBB free forum service anyone can create a personal forum devoted to one’s interesting subject and meet lots of soul mates.

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