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List of Google Search Commands

List started by: StatisticalConsultantsLtd
List contributors: L-Lists, StatisticalConsultantsLtd
Date started: 29 Sep 2014
Last updated: 06 Nov 2016
Keywords: Google, search engines


This list explains ways of refining Google searches, using Google's advanced search functions. Search query examples are contained within square brackets i.e. [ ].

Phrase search (

Row # Title Description
1 Phrase search ("") Searches for pages containing the exact phrase.

["Statistical Consultants Ltd"] would find pages that contain the exact phrase 'Statistical Consultants Ltd'. It would only find pages that have the words Statistical, Consultants and Ltd, in that order.
2 Search within a specific website (site:) [site:http://www.statisticalconsultants.co.nz/] lists every page on the Statistical Consultants Ltd website.

[site:http://www.statisticalconsultants.co.nz/blog] lists the blog posts and the blog.html page.

["statistical analysis techniques" site:http://www.statisticalconsultants.co.nz/] lists every page on the Statistical Consultants Ltd website containing the phrase 'statistical analysis techniques'.
3 Terms to exclude (-) [statistical consultants -wikipedia] would be the same as the search [statistical consultants] but would exclude pages that have the word wikipedia.
4 Fill in the blanks (*) ["statistical * ltd"] is a search for pages with a phase (of at least three words), where the first word is statistical and the last word is ltd.
5 Search exactly as is (+) To prevent Google from including pages with synonyms of the search term, include a '+' sign immediately before that term.

[+statistical] would list pages containing the word statistical, while [statistical] would list pages containing the words statistical and statistics.
6 The OR operator The OR operator can be used to search for either of two terms, rather than both.

[regression OR simulations] would essentially be a blend of the two searches [regression] and [simulations]; while the search [regression simulations] would prioritise pages that contain both words.
7 Synonyms and related terms operator (~) The ~ operator can be used to search for a term plus a wide range of related words (not necessarily synonymous, and of a wider range than the default).

[~statistical] searches for pages with words including: data, mathematical, statistics and statistical.
8 Numerical range operator (..) This can be used if you want to search for pages containing numbers within a particular range.

[American history 1945..2009] would search for pages with the terms American and history, and any numbers between 1945 and 2009.

This operator can also be used for currency. For example:
[computers $1000..$2000] does a search for pages with the word computers, and any dollar amounts between $1000 and $2000.
9 Search by file type (filetype:) Instead of searching for pages in general, you can search for a particular file type.

["introduction to regression" filetype:pdf] would search for pdf files containing the phrase 'introduction to regression'.
10 Search by content type Instead of searching for pages containing the search terms anywhere (the default), it is possible to restrict the search to one type of page content.

intext: , allintext:
intitle:, allintitle:
inurl:, allinurl:
inanchor:, allinanchor:

[intitle:statistical consultants] searches for pages with the words statistical OR consultants in the page title.

[allintitle:statistical consultants] searches for pages with the words statistical AND consultants in the page title.
11 Fill in the blanks with this many words (x) A similar command to (*) but fills in the blanks with a specific number of words e.g. (3) for three words.
12 Find similar websites (related:) To search for websites similar to another website, use the related command, in the same way as the site command.

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