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List of online music store sites like iTunes

List started by: FraggleRockCountryJazzRap
List contributors: FraggleRockCountryJazzRap, roverfind
Date started: 16 Jul 2013
Last updated: 27 Nov 2013
Keywords: music, audio, music downloads


Online music stores where people can pay for downloadable audio content. The business models could include pay per track, pay per album, or have a subscription based model.

Row # Title Image Description
1 iTunes Store iTunes Store
An online digital media store operated by Apple Inc that sells downloadable music, videos, e-books and apps.
2 Xbox Music Xbox Music
A digital music service that offers music through ad-supported streaming, subscription streaming, and purchase through the Xbox Music Store.
3 Amazon MP3 An online music store owned and operated by Amazon.com.
4 7digital 7digital
7digital operates as a platform for direct to consumer (D2C) music download stores and as a business to business (B2B) service for digital media partners.
5 Fairsharemusic Fairsharemusic
A commercially run social enterprise and music download store where legal downloads are combined with charitable donations.
6 eMusic An online music and audiobook store that operates by subscription. eMusic subscribers can download a fixed amount of tracks to their MP3 players per month.
7 Rhapsody A subscription based site which allows its users to stream and download music.
8 Napster Napster
An online music store branded under the purchased name and trademarks of the former free file sharing service Napster.
9 Google Play Google Play
Google Play (formerly known as the Android Market) is a digital application distribution platform for Android and an online electronics store by Google, where music, magazines, books, movies, television programs, and applications can be downloaded.
10 Puretracks A Canadian online music store, which was launched in 2003.
11 CDBaby An online music store specialising in the sale of CDs and music downloads from independent musicians.
12 GoMusicNow A Russian music and audiobooks download site.
13 Bandcamp Bandcamp
An online music store and artist promotion platform, that caters mostly to independent artists.
14 Beatport Beatport
An online music store specializing in electronic music.
15 PayPlay.FM An online music store from Ukraine.
16 BuyMusic An online music store run by Buy.com.
17 Nimbit Nimbit
A website where musicians can sell and promote their music via online store fronts, Facebook and Twitter.
18 Classical Archives An online digital music store for classical music.
19 Audimated A social networking website for independent musicians and their fans, which allows its users to sell their music and related products.
20 Magnatune Magnatune
A subscriptions based site for downloadable music.
21 Maqam Maqam is a US based online store specialising in Arabic and Middle Eastern media, including music (CDS and downloadable MP3s), DVDs, music keyboards, music books, and gifts. The site also has an online radio station.
22 NewMusicFeeds.com A site for buying and selling downloadable music content, and for music promotions.
23 Bleep.com Bleep.com
A British online music store focusing on independent music. The store sells downloadable single track or whole album DRM-free MP3 and WAV files, and also vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, clothing and more.
24 HDtracks A high resolution digital music site selling downloadable music in multiple formats with audio CD-quality and master recording quality content.
25 Juno Download A UK based online dance music retail store, which downloadable music in MP3 and WAV file formats.
26 Online Music Download Store Online Music Download Store

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