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List of Blogging Platforms

List started by: L-Lists
List contributors: L-Lists
Date started: 03 Dec 2013
Last updated: 24 Mar 2018
Keywords: blogging


A list of blogging platform sites like WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger/BlogSpot i.e. websites where registered users can start an individualised web space for making blog posts of significant length (i.e. longer posts than what a microblogging site would allow).

Row # Title Image Description
1 Blogger / Blogspot Blogger / Blogspot
Blogger is a blogging site run by Google. The hosted blogs have a URL that is a subdomain of the blogspot.com domain (or a country specific Blogspot domain such as blogspot.co.uk).
2 WordPress WordPress
Wordpress is both an open source blogging platform and a content management system (CMS). It was released in 2003. With Wordpress, it is free to have a blog or website with a URL that is a subdomain of wordpress.com, but it costs money to have your own URL. Fees are also charged for special features such as special themes and designs, VideoPress, no advertising, extra storage etc.
3 Tumblr Tumblr Tumblr was launched in 2007, and is a mix of blogging, microblogging, and social networking.
4 LiveJournal LiveJournal
LiveJournal is a blogging site (with social networking features) that was started in 1999. There are both free and paid blog accounts. The paid accounts allow access to detailed statistics, more space for userpics, no advertising, additional and customised journal styles, access to an advanced search function, domain forwarding, and more. LiveJournal is fairly popular worldwide, but very popular in Russia. LiveJournal originated in USA, but in 2009 has shifted its product development and design functions to Russia (where its current owners are based).
5 Ameba Blogs Ameba Blogs
Ameba is a group of Japanese websites consisting of a blogging platform, a virtual community (Ameba Pico / Pigg), and a microblogging site (Ameba Now). The blogging platform uses the domain name ameblo.jp, and the blog URLs are directory extensions of that domain name (e.g. ameblo.jp/blogname/). Images on blog posts can be linked to a chronologically ordered photo gallery covering the entire blog.
6 Livedoor Blog Livedoor Blog
Livedoor is a web-portal and blogging service from Japan. The blog URLs can be directory extensions of the blog.livedoor.com or blog.livedoor.jp domains, or their own domain URLs (if the blog owner has one).
7 Weebly Weebly
Weebly was founded in 2006, and is a web hosting service that has a drag-and-drop website builder (with features allowing for the creation of blog sites). It has both free and paid membership options.
8 TypePad TypePad is a blogging platform with monthly fees, and was launched in 2003. The blogs can have URLs that are either subdomains of typepad.com or their own domain URL (if the blog owner has one).
9 HubPages HubPages is a website where people can make blog posts (known as 'hubs'), share videos and photos, ask questions and set up polls, and post on forums.
10 OverBlog OverBlog
OverBlog is a blogging site that was started in 2004, and is very popular in France (where it is based). It is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. The basic account option is free, but there are two higher account options which cost a monthly fee. The paid account options allow for unlimited storage space, your own domain URL, greater support, more themes etc. OverBlog gives bloggers the opportunity to monetize their content.
11 FC2 Blog FC2 Blog
A blogging section on FC2, a website with a variety of features including video sharing, live streaming, a website builder, and more. The site is available in a variety of languages, but the blogs are predominantly in Japanese. FC2 is one of the most frequently visited websites in Japan.
12 Blog.com Blog.com was a blogging service that was launched in 2004.
13 Sina Blog Sina Blog
A Chinese blogging service from Sina Corp.
14 Jugem Jugem
A Japanese blogging platform and web portal.
15 Naver Blogs Naver Blogs
A blogging service by the Korean internet giant Naver (which is best known for its search engine / search portal).
16 Rediff Blogs Rediff Blogs
A blogging section on the popular Indian web portal Rediff. Blogs can be created for free (requiring the user to sign up for a Rediff ID). Blogs can be written in a variety of languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Kannada and Punjabi. Rediff Blogs has a recommendation engine which suggests related content on other Rediff sites.
17 Mail.ru Blogs Mail.ru Blogs
A blogging service by the Russian internet giant Mail.ru.
18 Blogos Blogger Blogos Blogger
A Japanese blogs website.
19 Squarespace Squarespace
Squarespace was launched in 2004, and is a SaaS (software as a service) based CMS (content management system) consisting of a website builder, hosting service, and blogging platform. It has a variety of paid account options.
20 BlogBus A Chinese blogging site with a layout (front page and search) similar to Pinterest.
21 TravelPod A travel blogging site where bloggers can share photos, plot their locations on a map, and view statistics about their travels (such as number of places visited) and blog (such as the number of blog visitors).
22 Blogster Blogster
Blogster is a blog hosting site with social networking characteristics. The blogs have their stats (such as number of views, posts, followers, following, friends etc) displayed publicly. There is a search function that covers all of the blogs, and also allows the searching for photos posted on the blogs.
23 InsaneJournal InsaneJournal has blogs (which are referred to as journals) and groups (which are referred to as asylums). InsaneJournal is based on the Danga platform.
24 Bravenet Blog Free blog service from Bravenet.com.
25 Thoughts A free blogging and photo sharing site.
26 Open Diary Open Diary
Open Diary is a blogging site (that was launched in 1998) where blogs are referred to as 'diaries'. The blog posts can be cross-posted to groups referred to as 'circles'. The blog URLs are an input extension of an asp file sitting on the opendiary.com domain name (e.g. opendiary.com/entrylist.asp?authorcode=theauthorcode). Open Diary was shut down on 7 February 2014 (the announcement that it was shutting down was on 28 January 2014).
27 Blogdrive Blogdrive
A free blogging platform and blog hosting site. The blogs have an open messages box in a column off to the side (which allows people to make quick comments that aren't necessarily related to a specific blog post).
28 Sapo Blogs Sapo Blogs
A Portuguese language blogging service by Sapo.
29 blog.ca Now defunct. A site for creating free blogs.
30 Inube A free blog publishing tool and blog hosting provider.
31 Journalspace.com A blogging site with social networking features, photo sharing, forums, polls, quizzes, and more.
32 Blogigo A blogging site which allows users to have up to five free weblogs/blogs/diaries.
33 Blogabond Blogabond
A travel journals blogs site with photo sharing and map integration features.
34 Ohlog.com A free weblogging service that includes syndication, photo upload, mobile posting, and backup downloads.
35 Planet SiOL.net Blogos Planet SiOL.net Blogos
A Slovenian blogging platform by Planet SiOL.net, a web portal that is very popular in Slovenia.
36 SweetCircles.com A blogging platform and social network.
37 Aeonity Free weblog hosting community that allows instant publishing and provides custom templates.
38 BusyThumbs.com A moblogging (mobile blogging) site.
39 Weblogs.us Free WordPress blog hosting.
40 SailBlogs Free sailing blogs, tracking system and social network designed specifically for sailors, cruisers, boaters and racers.
41 JournalFen JournalFen describes itself as a journaling service for fans of movies, television, music and other forms of media entertainment. The website has journals (which are essentially just blogs) and communities. New free accounts are only sporadically available, to limit the amount of traffic the site gets. JournalFen runs on the Danga platform.
42 Life with Christ A free blogging system for blogs about Christianity.
43 Moblog Moblog
Moblog was launched in 2004, and is a moblogging site (i.e. a blogging site where blog posts are made via a mobile phone). Moblog allows the uploading of photos and videos (which can be searched for separately from the blog posts, via the search function).
44 Yahoo! Blog Yahoo! Blog
A Chinese language blogging site by Yahoo, that closed down on 26 December 2013.
45 Blog-City A website for creating simple themed websites / blogs with options for adding pictures, comments, forums, guest books, and visitor surveys. The blog URLs are to PHP files in subdirectories of the blog-city.info domain name e.g. blog-city.info/en/blogname.php
46 Blog Studio A free blogging service and host.
47 WikyBlog A groupware platform for creating wikis and blogs.
48 Memebot A website for free web hosting and weblogging (with user comments), for small websites and weblogs.
49 Xanga Xanga
A weblogging site that was launched in 1998. There is also a Hong Kong version of Xanga (xanga.hk).
50 Blogtown NZ A free blog publishing tool for New Zealanders only. Its features include WordPress plugins, themes and spam protection.
51 LettoBlog Free and paid blog hosting options powered by WordPress. The site has a search function for searching across all LettoBlog blogs. The site is available in English but many of the blogs are in Turkish.
52 journals.jevon.org A blogging / journals site that features interactive tools, remote site integration, image hosting, smilies, and style editors.
53 HWY Blogs Now defunct. Free blogs for truckers (and those in or interested in the trucking industry), with file upload space and templates.
54 ProBlogs.com ProBlogs.com
Create business or personal blogs for free.
55 NuTang.com A blogging platform / community with search options to find bloggers based on their interests, affiliations, location etc.
56 Tabulas A blogging site where each blog has a separate image/photo gallery.
57 TRHBlogs A blogging section on TRHOnline.com. New blogging accounts aren't currently permitted, due to the large number of spam blog accounts they had been getting.
58 X-Journal X-Journal describes itself as a blog system and social network for expeditions, researchers, adventurers, travellers and others in far-flung and remote places of the planet.
59 PixyBlog PixyBlog is a photo blogging site with several types of paid accounts.
60 FreeCharity.org.uk Free web and blog hosting for UK charities and non-profit organisations.
61 Glipho A now defunct social blogging platform (which ended on 14 August 2015), where users could make blog posts (referred to as gliphs). The blog posts appeared in user feeds, in a similar layout to Pinterest. Registered users could follow and be followed by other registered users (in a similar way to Twitter).
62 Ghost A blog publishing platform, with its own formatting mark-up coding system.
63 Postagon Postagon
Describes itself as a minimalist blogging platform.
64 Posthaven A blogging platform launched in 2013 by the founders of Posterous. After Posterous closed down, its users could transfer their blog posts over to Posthaven.
65 Newsvine Newsvine A blogging/microblogging website where users can post links to news articles, and post news articles and opinion pieces they have written themselves.
66 Artist Websites Artist Websites
An online website builder powered by Fine Art America, aimed at artists. The artist websites have a blog section. The website URLs are as subdomains of the artistwebsites.com and fineartamerica.com domains.
67 Fine Art Blogs Fine Art Blogs
A blogging section on the Fine Art America website.
68 Artspan Artspan A website builder and searchable online gallery for artists. The websites include a blogs section, and their URLs are a subdomain of the artspan.com domain.
69 Yam Blogs Yam Blogs
A Chinese language blogging section on the Taiwanese website Yam.
70 Pixnet Blogs Pixnet Blogs A Chinese language blogging section on the Taiwanese website Pixnet.net.
71 Daum Blogs Daum Blogs
A blogging section on Daum, a Korean web-portal.
72 Tistory A Korean blogging platform owned by Daum.
73 Cyworld Blogs Cyworld Blogs A blogging section on Cyworld, a Korean online virtual community.
74 blogg.no blogg.no A Norwegian blogging platform. The website has a search function that covers the blogg.no blogs (and displays the search results like a pin-board site).
75 Excite Blogs Excite Blogs
A Japanese blogging service by Excite. Images uploaded to blog posts are linked to a chronologically ordered photo gallery covering the entire blog. The blog URLs are directory extensions of the exblog.jp domain.
76 Blogfa Blogfa
A free Persian weblog service, that is one of the most visited websites in Iran.
77 NiniWeblog A Persian blogging platform dedicated to blogs about raising children.
78 ParsiBlog A free Persian weblog service.
79 BlogSky A Persian blogging platform.
80 PersianBlog A Persian blogging site.
81 goo Blogs goo Blogs
A blogging section on the Japanese web portal and search engine goo.
82 FanBlog FanBlog A Japanese language blogging platform.
83 MyMFB - Blogs A blogging section on the Pakistani social networking site MyMFB (My Millat Facebook).
84 Egerin - Blogs Egerin - Blogs A blogging section on the Kurdish web portal Egerin.
85 Prosebox Prosebox describes itself as being a writing community to share your journals, essays, interests, and creative writing. Users can create blog posts (referred to as entries) and blog post categories (referred to as books). An individual's blog URL would have the following structure: www.prosebox.net/box/UserID#/, however the entries would have a URL structure like: www.prosebox.net/entry/entry number (across the whole site)/
86 Rekordr Rekordr describes itself as being an online journal (for recording private, public, or shared journals). It is essentially a blogging site with an unconventional navigation method (large book page inspired buttons to jump to the journal entries / blog posts).
87 E-monsite A French website for making a free website, blog, or e-commerce site.
88 blog.co.uk Now defunct. An English language blogging site. The photos, videos, audio, and documents used in the posts of a blog, can be found under tabs on the blogger's user profile page.
89 blog.fr Now defunct. A French language blogging site. The photos, videos, audio, and documents used in the posts of a blog, can be found under tabs on the blogger's user profile page.
90 blog.de Now defunct. A German language blogging site. The photos, videos, audio, and documents used in the posts of a blog, can be found under tabs on the blogger's user profile page.
91 blog.com.es Now defunct. A Spanish language blogging site. The photos, videos, audio, and documents used in the posts of a blog, can be found under tabs on the blogger's user profile page.
92 BlogFree A website for creating a free blog or forum. It is available in a variety of languages (including English), but about three quarters of its visitors (and much of its content) is in Italian.
93 Altervista Altervista Altervista (not to be confused with AltaVista) is an Italian site (also available in English), for creating free websites and blogs.
94 Blog.hu Blog.hu Hungarian blogging site.
95 Dreamwidth Studios Dreamwidth Studios A blog/journal system (based on LiveJournal) for people who create.
96 Plottio Plottio (now defunct) described itself as a site for social journalism. Blog posts were placed on Plottio's front page, along with clickable search tags. Users could make blog posts under their user name or anonymously.
97 Heatbud Heatbud Heatbud is a blogging site with categories (known as zones), and a trending feed on its front page.
98 Koobug Blogs A blogging section on the books website Koobug.
99 Svbtle Svbtle
A blogging platform that suggests ideas.
100 Silvrback Silvrback
A blogging platform with schemes instead of themes. A common front page style of blogs on this platform is to have a title, description (with a Twitter link at the end), and a row of links (Blog Home, Archive, (Website), and RSS).
101 Postach.io Postach.io
An Evernote powered blogging platform i.e. it allows you to turn an Evernote notebook into a blog. The blogs have a (hash) tag cloud in a box to the right.
102 Exposure Exposure A website for photo blogging. It allows large high quality photos on a blog post to take up much of the screen.
103 Niume Niume describes itself as being a collaborative blogging platform. Its features are a mix of conventional blogging and microblogging. Users may make long-form blog posts. Users may follow each other (like with the microblogging site Twitter), and may also belong to spheres (topics of interest). Posts are categorised into spheres (e.g. animals, art, culture, fashion, food etc), and blog post links (for individual and spheres) are presented in a pinboard style format.
104 Skyrock Skyrock Skyrock is a blogging platform with social networking characteristics. It has a search function that allows searches for blog posts, pictures within blog posts, videos (such as YouTube and Dailymotion videos) embedded in blog posts, and music (that can be played on Skyrock's online music player). The site is available in English and French.
105 Magnoto Magnoto describes itself as being a freestyle blogging and website building site.
106 Postype Postype A Korean blogging platform with content monetization options. The post categories include: photo, design, drawing, DIY and crafts, music, movie, science, IT, travel, animal, essay, fiction, comics

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